How to over come the winter blues!

In this blog I am going to show you how I have got over those winter blues so we end the year on a high note. I’d like to show you some of the fun things that I have been up too that has replaced those blues with eternal sunshine.

There is something about this time of year that brings back memories of snuggling in front of a log fire and having snowball fun with my friends as well as with my daughter. However with everyone grown up now the fun has never ended and I am still doing the same.

You can imagine my delight when I drew back the curtains several days ago to discover a thick blanket of snow had descended on the Welsh countryside. Of course it has brought draw backs as we haven’t been able to get out in the car and have been official snowed in. But one has to make the best of the situation so I have been sledging, taking pictures of the products I have made, photographing this beautiful wonderland and of course helping to build a snow man. December is not complete without a snow man.



2017-12-11 21.38.16

He did have a nose and arms but unfortunately our dog a 2 year old Labrador decided to eat them .

The lighting has been fantastic to do some photography shots of my rose ornaments. You can see my full range here on my online shop. I am thinking about investing in a photography box but until then I grasp every opportunity when the lighting is right. After several attempts I took this picture in my garden and then ran in to warm my fingers on our log fire. Yep, that is how cold it is here.

Rose table decorations for wedding
The Earth Faeries have had fun making this and photographing it in our garden in the snow!

I took this picture in my garden.

The roads have been very slippery up here in the Wales but that didn’t stop me from going for lovely walks along the country lanes. I normally go in the fields but with about 3 foot of snow now it is virtually impossible to walk in it.  It stays extra light here up in the hills in Wales so I have been going for a walk in the midnight hour and with my torch light on my head. However with the thick snow clouds it has been more darker than normal. Normally I can look up at the sky and see all of the constellations and almost touch them. I spotted the sauce pan the other night. But since the snow fall there has been dark skies most nights so there has been no visibility.

All of my senses kick in on my late night walks. Its is so amazing to hear the hoot of the owls, feel the soft snow flakes caressing the skin and the rustle in the bushes as some form of wild life dwells there.  And then I stopped and listened and the sound was like music to my ears. It was the sound of silence!

Winter wonderland in Wales
The Earth Faeries love the snow so decided to play out in it

Snow is very metaphorical to me. It always signifies a clean slate and a new beginnings. A transition into an even better future. It has been beautiful watching the seasons change and although I do love the summer I think this time of year is one of my favorites.

Snuggled up in front of the fire with a hot drink, a magazine or even with my goal work book is an enjoyable experience. It is a time of year to reflect and note the progress we have made, no matter how small or big it has been. It helps me build confidence and momentum to go forward in 2018.  Occasionally I will glance out of my living room window to admire our handy work (the snow man). And this brings my attention back to the beauty of the now! As now is all we have. It’s a reminder to tell myself the past is over, the future is for my making and the now is all that matters. It is how I am feeling and what I am thinking now is paving the way for my future.

coffee cups

2017-12-11 21.35.53

2017-12-11 21.36.59.jpg

One of my lovely gardens where I went sledging on with my family.

And finally after 5 days of snow fall golden sun light has crept from beneath the clouds and the snow is finally melting. I can see huge droplets falling from my roof and the trees. I ventured out in the garden today to check the birds had enough food. I would have loved to have got some pictures as there was a huge robin red breast munching on the food. However the snow is all crunchy and alerted him to my presence and he took flight. It is always a good idea at this time of year to check the birds and wild life have food. Thankfully I checked as the birds had devoured the bird seed my daughter had put out for them so I’m off to the kitchen now to fill it up.



Three tips to beat them winter blues and put the inner sunshine back in.

  1. So if you feel like hibernating at this time of year and feeling on the blue side then go out in nature. She will heighten all of your senses and make you feel alive! Being out doors is a huge mood changer.
  2. Take up photography. You don’t have to be great photographer to do it and if if you want to develop those skills there are plenty of free resources on the internet so you can learn. The most important thing is you are having fun. Not only are you capturing the moment in time but your also creating great memories and adventures on the way.
  3. Count blessings. Just think that you are in your lovely warm house and others may not be so fortunate.
  4. Look after the wild life, whether that is hedge hogs or birds etc, it is making a difference and give you a warm glow knowing that you are helping others.

I hope you are all having a lovely run up to Christmas and enjoying the snow if you have it where you are. Keep warm and I will write soon.





My Winter Wonderland

In this blog I am going to show you what the Earth Faeries have been up to. I am also going to introduce you to the lovely wonderland of where I live & run my home based business in the Wales UK.

Waking up to a blanket of snow filled me with delight. I have such beautiful views from my windows of dramatic hills, land and woods. It is something that I never stop counting my blessings for. I am used to the lush greenery of the landscape so to be greeted with the snow was a pleasant surprise. I have only lived here for nearly 2 years and the snow has been quite shallow compared to previous years. However this year is the deepest I have seen it. It is a foot in most places and about 3 foot in others.

I was awoken yesterday by my daughters excited voice as she bounded into my bedroom to tell me to look out of the window. Of course I shared her enthusiasm when my eyes rested on the generous helping of the snow that covered the landscape. It was a quick scramble for my hiking clothes and straight out of the door to play.


I live in the hills so it’s not easy to get out in the car. And with the supplies running low and food unable to be delivered because of weather conditions there was no other option but to walk to the nearest village shop about 2 and half miles away. However all though it was a great work out for the muscles as I trudged through the snow (the gritters hadn’t been by then) it was a pleasant walk as I admired the hills that looked as if covered in icing sugar.


We slid past forests, practicing our skiing skills.


And then once we reached the village I took the favorite family photograph. It has become a tradition to take pictures of our feet.


The descent was some what easier than the ascent. We live high up the hills and although I am used to walking down it and back up most days it was quite a challenge getting back up as a blizzard had come upon us and the icy cold winds stung my face. The clap of thunder like a lion roaring startled us all. I have never heard thunder coupled with snow. However on the positive side it all added to the micro adventure.

When we got back the fun didn’t stop there as my daughters’ partner had bought a sledge. We ventured down to our garden which is on a slight hill so we got lots of momentum and sped down the hill. Each time going a little further and I was convinced I was going to end up curled around one of our trees at one point. However reluctantly I managed to navigate myself around it.  My screams of delight are still ringing around the garden.

By the time we had finished the darkness had crept in and the cold; I could no longer feel my fingers so we headed to an open fire in our house and a hot drink. There’s something lovely and Christmassy about being in front of a log fire.

coffee cups

The following day the same thing happened my daughter told me to look out of the window. My mouth fell open as the snow which had been about only 3 inches yesterday was now over a foot in most places and in others much deeper. My cat ventured out but the snow was bigger than him so he came right back in.

Out came the sledge and we trekked up the country lane that was situated next to our property. The snow was soft and thick and it was still snowing as we made a track down the lane. No cars could come down as the snow was too thick and the gritters hadn’t been out so we could relax as we created a track down the middle of the lane. Who says adults can’t have fun as we sure did. I couldn’t get any pictures as my phone had discharged.

Have you ever noticed that children always find it easy to manifest. This is because they have great imaginations and know how to have fun. It is some thing that I feel that is important not only to manifest our desires but also to having an enjoyable well balanced life too. Having fun makes me feel more creative and productive too. I am more relaxed so ideas come to me so much more easily. I find I am in flow.

And now I am back in my house, snuggled up in front of the log fire again, hot drink in one hand as I type my blog.

Who else has had snow and been playing in it?






Discover 3 New Jewellery Products The Earth Faeries Are Working On

In today’s blog I’m going to be giving you an over view of what I have been up to in the last week and sharing some fun moments that have been memorable to me. Plus also to show you 3 new products I am currently working on.

Firstly I have been getting ready for my craft stall in August 28th in Whittington Shropshire. I thought that it would be a good idea to order a hairdressing dolls head to showcase my hair jewellery on. Plus I thought it would be a good idea to use it to photograph some pictures of my jewellery accessories for my online shop which I’m almost due to open. I know that it has been a while coming but I have been researching all of the online shops out there in order to choose the one that is right for me. Although you can find my products to buy on here too. Please click for more information.

hairdressing doll

I ordered some hair combs which I’m planning on decorating for brides. This is one of the new products I am working on at the moment.


Hair combs

Another project I am working on

I received my order Friday for beautiful glass beads in the most softest pastel shades ever and they are excellent quality. They look very realistic and have a very high luster but they are faux ones so are cruelty free. I was so excited to receive them as I have some wonderful designs that I want to bring into fruition.

light pink glass pearls white glass pearls

pale blue glass pearlsgree pearls

baby pink glass pearls creamy glass pearls


A new product I have been working on

I have also been getting creative for myself and making these daisy hair slides. The yellow middle has been customized to make the green yellow effect and the leaves have been lined with a pen knife to give the petal a more realistic look. They are still a work in progress as I want to thin the petals a little more so I have just ordered a pasta maker in order to do this. and then I will add them to my shop on here.  It has been nice to have some free time to make some hair slides for myself too.



Yesterday was a lovely day. A customer came to my house to collect a customized order for three hair rose slides and she kindly let me photograph them in her hair which was fun. The lighting was perfect for the photographs and I’m very appreciative of her for letting me use these pictures. They are hand sculptured rose slides and the colors have been customized. You can find them here


Red rose hair slide



Coral rose hair slide


Turquoise hair slide

It was also nice to see my customer playing with my materials. I gave her some vegan silk clay and some porcelain clay which is also cruelty free to get creative with and also so she could learn more about the materials I work with. Silk clay (named because of the way it feels) is soft and very malleable and really easy to work with with. As porcelain clay is much more solid and requires a lot of kneading before it is ready to be used to make anything. The latter is very sticky when you first take it out of the packet and it takes about 10 minutes to knead it before it is ready to use but it can create beautiful jewellery and ornaments too to name but a few of its uses. The smile of pleasure on my customers face told me that she was enjoying getting creative and playing with them

Afterwards we went for for a lovely walk in the lovely countryside which is on my doorstep. It was only supposed to be a short walk but it turned into over a two hour one. But it was a lovely end to the day and created many happy memories.

Have you made anything lately? It doesn’t have to be jewellery.  If so please leave a comment of what you have made in the comment section below. And name one of your most enjoyable products that you have made.

Love The Earth Faeries


4 tips On How To Make Life Style Changes

How To Make Life Style Changes

In this blog I’m going to show you some of the big life style changes I have been making over the past year plus give you a fantastic recipe with incredible food that your going to love.  I changed my career from writing and tarot reading to making jewellery and accessories. This was a big step for me but one of the best decisions of my life as I’m in love what I do which is getting creative and getting paid for what I enjoy doing is a bonus.

My top 4 tips for making any kind of changes in life is take baby steps, keep a record of your progress to build confidence and give yourself plenty of pat on backs. If you are making changes in your business then keep your customers informed and assure them that they are still going to get fantastic customer service, great products but even better products and services. If you are making life style changes for your wedding then why not team up with another bride and motivate and encourage each other each step of the way!

The second step was to re-brand my jewellery and accessory business which was a major step for me. I had to source out new  suppliers whilst others informed me that their products were vegan so that was a huge relief as I had already invested lots of money into my materials. I had already wrote some of Earth Faeries tales which you can find on here on my website and then discovered one of the characters names no longer fitted in with my branding.

It was many months of wondering how to get round this until I had an aha moment. I changed the characters name and several other minor details and now can go forward again. So I’m sorry to all of my followers who have been reading the stories and waiting for the next chapter – I am in the middle of writing it now. Here’s one of my Earth faeries characters being drawn up. Her name is Onyx and she is the keeper of yes you guessed it – all onyx stones. She is almost ready to be painted. My designer sent her through today so it was a happy start to the day.



The third change for me was to go from being a vegetarian to a vegan. I changed my branding first of all and made all of my products vegan and then my life style just followed suit.

Becoming vegan was something I had always wanted to do for ethical reasons however I have a sweet tooth and didn’t know how on earth I’d get round that. And has it been easy to do? You bet it has! I have been vegan about three weeks and I am wondering why I didn’t do it sooner as my dairy free vegan food and desserts that I have been making is scrumptious and I was amazed at how much variety there is if you love cooking. I’m left wondering how on earth I never knew how many scrumptious alternative foods are out there.

I must admit I have a sweet tooth and I didn’t know how I would cope with quitting chocolate. Enter Deliciously Ella the cook book that changed my life plus lots of great recipes that my daughter has been trying on me. And I haven’t looked back. My daughter has also become vegan which is good because we are getting to bounce ideas for new recipes off each other.  I’d like to share this one with you that my daughter made me.  It is a dairy free chocolate mouse made out of cacao and avocado’s plus lots of other awesome ingredients that are good for the body. You can’t taste the avocado’s and trust me you will be coming back for seconds. But don’t take my word for it, why not try it for yourself.

Recipe for Avocado Chocolate Mousse



2 ripe avocados

4 ripe bananas, peeled

12 Medjool dates pitted

4 table spoons of coconut oil

5 heaped teaspoons of cacao powder

Drizzle of golden syrup – 2 tea spoons (optional)

Sprinkle of chia seeds

This recipe has been taken from Deliciously Ella book by Ella Woodward an adapted.


Slice the avocados in half, remove the stones and peels the avocados. Put the avocado flesh into the food processor

Add all remaining ingredients apart from the chai seeds into the food processor with 5 table spoons of water and the syrup and blend it.

Put the finished mixture in four bowls and sprinkle over the chai seeds.

Keep refrigerated for about three hours for it to set and then voila…enjoy!

Do you have other dairy free vegan desserts you can share with me as I’d love to try them

Love Melanie from The Earth Faeries






Do you have any vegan recipes to share with me? Please leave them in the comments section.



4 Tips To help you achieve your goals!

In this blog I am going to look at the things, experiences and people I am grateful for. Gratitude is in my opinion one of the most magical and powerful ways to change every aspect of your life and it has certainly helped me to expand my business so I  can do more of what I love – which is making more of my jewellery for fabulous customers and have more freedom to do more of what I enjoy. It is also a great way to note your progress which increases momentum and gives you the confidence to go forward. You can apply this with any of your goals including business and your wedding.

This week I am thankful for:

  • For my designer Roberto drawing one of Earth Faeries Characters for me. Her name is Princess Onyx and she is the keeper of Onyx crystals. Here is a sneaky preview of her being drawn. This was the first two drafts and am waiting on the final drawing now. I’m so excited to see the final draft. She is going to be used for my stories, my stickers and other literature. Plus I’m planning on having her made into a henna tatoo and silicone moulds. They are copyrighted to me so my customers won’t be able to get her from anywhere else so they can have something totally unique. A big thank you Roberto.
The drawing stage of The Earth Faeries
One of my Earth Faeries being drawn!


  • For the professional photographer who selected me as one of the crafters to feature as part of his project. He is coming on the 15th of this month to my house to photograph me making my hair accessories. It’s my first time having anyone watch me make my inventory so I’ll keep you posted.
  • For my lovely customers for giving me such a fabulous review. I custom made some rose hair accessories for her and her reaction brought tears of joy to my eyes. To view the video please click here which will take you to my Earth Faeries group so you can watch it click here
  • For the encouragement I have received off my clients, their glowing reviews and for them being part of the Earth Faeries experience and helping me to create a brand they love and I love too.
  • For my beautiful garden and the place I live in wales that is often my workshop as I sit out in my garden and in a little summer house to make my inventory. I’m also grateful for all the flowers in my garden that inspire me to make my roses.
  • 20170619_172806_resized
  • For my daughter, friends and Facebook friends for sending me all of the right contacts in order for me to re-brand and turn my business into an eco friendly one which is suitable for vegans.
  • For my friend Natasha for telling me about the craft stall in Whittington and booking it for me so I can join her for a lovely day out in August to showcase my inventory as well as meet more fabulous people.
  • For my friend Rik and my family for always listening to my ideas on what jewellery I am going to make next. I know I eat sleep and breath it and they always show their interest in what I’m doing and encourage me so thank you guys. I’ll try to talk about other things too!
  • For the internet for allowing me to connect with my customers and the rich source of information on it that has really helped take my jewellery business to the next level.
  • For the blogging community, my customers and Facebook friends for showing an interest in my blogs and for following me.
  • For the customers who have bought my jewellery and enabled me to support the charities that I care deeply about The farmhouse Sanctuary supported by Joanna Lumley and forget me not which also provides a sanctuary for rescued farm house animals and other animals. 10% of each of the items I sell goes to these two charities.
  • For my daughter Chelsea for paying me to make a gift for her friends birthday. It is lovely that my own family love and value what I do that they are willing to pay me for my services.
Classic white hand made rose hair slide


These are the hand made and sculptured rose I made and customized for my customer.

  • For my best friend Jaswant for always listening to me, encouraging me, sharing my vision for The Earth Faeries and for sending me inspirational ideas through.
  • For all of my new Earth faerie group members for following my status, interacting with me and also posting beautiful inspirational pictures up on my group. For a daily dose of inspiration come and join me here
  • For the abundance of boxes that have been given to me to package my inventory in. I use either recycled or up-cycled. Thank you mum for your help, support belief in me and encouragement.

I always write my gratitude diary every day. It’s an excellent way to see how far I have come and gives me the momentum to go forwards to achieve my objectives.

Here are some tips on how to go forward in life:

  • Forget the past, learn from it and move on. You can’t change the past but you can change your future and create a better one for yourself by starting where you are now and focusing on where you want to be.
  • Keep a daily gratitude diary so you can count your blessings no matter how small they may appear to begin with. You’ll be nicely surprised to see how little things become huge things eventually.  You can use this for your weddings, your business or any other goal that you have. The power of gratitude shifts your mood and puts you on a frequency to receive lots more. It also helps you to keep track of your progress.
  • Be mindful of what you have and the progress you are making, the people who are helping you – it really will help shift your mindset into a more resourceful stage.
  • Be patient with yourself. You have come so far! Acknowledge this and celebrate your mile stones. Give yourself a pat on back. You deserve this as much as anyone. Know this, believe this and others will too. As they say confidence is all an inside job and it’s really working for me.

Do you have any other tips you can share that have helped you go forwards in planning your wedding, expanding your business or in any other goals? Please share in the comments section.


With love







6 Tips On Finding Your Muse

The Earth faeries garden

In this blog I am celebrating British Flower week and I’m going to give you some tips on how to find your muse!

I adore flowers in their natural settings i.e growing in the ground or on bushes like my roses. I always ask people to buy me pot plants rather than flowers as once cut they don’t last that long. Flowers are alive just like me and you and hence why I  chose to make artificial ones out of vegan silk clay (named because of the feel of the texture of the clay) like the ones I have made below.


Hand made pink rose table decorations
A delicate coloured rose in a soft lavender pink shade.

This week is British flower week so I thought I would celebrate it by showing you some of the flowers in my garden. These often surround me when I am getting creative. There is something magical about sitting next to a rose tree and having its fragrance tantalize my nostrils. Plus I am always studying other flowers so I can learn how to make them artificially. My flowers and garden are my muse.





This is part of my garden where I happily create surrounded by my muse: flowers, fresh air and wild life.

Here are 6 tips to get your muse.

  • Look around your environment for things that inspire you. It could be a garden, flowers even someone else’s creative projects.
  • Try doodling or drawing.
  • Write, let the words flow. Just writing can help generate creative thoughts.
  • Read lots of different stories for example of people getting married and look at the pictures of their themes. This can really ignite your imagination.
  • Go out in nature. She is one big muse.
  • Visit shops that sell all of your items you need for your wedding day or other special occasion etc. With all of those vibrant colors, beautiful designs, and  interesting contrasts you will soon emerge full of ideas.

What is your muse?

5 Tips To Gain Energy & Momentum To Achieve Your Goals.

In this blog I thought I’d give you an inside look at my new product line and how I’m getting the balance between business and life. I’m also going to give you some tips that have worked for me to energize me so I have the motivation and momentum to achieve all of my other goals.

Sunny Wales!

The sun is shining here in Wales and I’ve been in my garden taking some pictures of some hand crafted rose hair slides that I have made. Each petal is hand crafted to form the rose and I have had many happy hours making them. They are a new product line. I’m not a professional photographer but its a skill I have had to learn and am learning which I’m enjoying thoroughly. Getting the lighting right can be quite tricky as my garden is mostly full of sunshine but I was up early today and found a lovely shaded spot that didn’t reflect any shadows.

My new product line. Hand made sculptured roses on hair slides.


Classic white hand made rose hair slide

Finding That Business/Life Balance

It’s easy as a business owner to focus on just one part of my life which is my business and forget about other parts. But this year has been all about getting more of that biz life balance which is crucial for a happy life. I have been making more time for things that are important to me for example spending more time with loved ones , my friends, and walking in the countryside with our dog.


Our dog just being!

I’ve also been learning how to be. As the Italians would say ‘l’arte di non fare nulle.’ which translates into the art of doing nothing.

Here is me just being or as some would say doing nothing.


It is moments like this just sat on my swing in my garden with the stunning views of the rockery, roses and panoramic views of countryside that I reconnect to my own inner power source and gain powerful insights to move me forward. It also helps me feel more creative and energizes me.

One of the things I have noticed since starting my business is that apart from writing my blog I haven’t been writing any poetry which is my other passion. My excuse is I have no time or no energy. So I made a conscious decision to make more time and make more energy! And that was done through going out in my garden.

As I sat in my garden today just admiring the new rose buds on the bushes, the poppies and the lilacs in full bloom in all of their glory I had an urge to write my poetry. Nature certainly is great at inspiring me and she aligns me and gets me back in flow.

white rose


Yellow poppy



It really uplifted me to be sat next to the flowers, watching the bees collect their pollen and hear the sounds of the cows and sheep in neighboring fields. I finally created a poem that I feel captures the beauty of my favorite flower..the rose. I thought that I would share it with you to brighten your day too or if your day is already bright to make it brighter.

white rose

White rose

The gift

Beautiful beautiful roses
In abundance everywhere
So delicate & strong
They are indeed lovely to share

Satin soft petals perfectly formed
Jagged strong green leaves
Such delightful fragrances
It’s magic it weaves

It engages our senses
It’s such a beautiful sight
A gift from the universe
That’s sure to delight.

By Melanie J Molloy

My poetry is important to me so its surprising to see that this is the first poem that I’ve created in the last six months. Finding the time for things that are important to me is crucial not only for a more successful life but also a happier and more fulfilling one. If we focus on just one aspect which sometimes I do and it’s normally my business then I find it impacts on other areas. Too many hours on your business affects well being and relationships. Alternatively if I spend too many hours on relationships and not enough on my business then it would effect my income an so on.  It really is about getting the balance. And I’ve discovered it’s a continuous process. But to get that balance we have to replenish and fill our own cup up to the brim otherwise it’s a catch 22. I much prefer to go forward rather than in circles.

If you are a bride to be who needs your energy to organize your wedding or you are a business owner striving for the energy to get that biz life balance then here are 4 tips to help you do this that have worked for me:

  • Keep a diary of days of events for the week – from getting up to going to bed. Note everything you do even down to the TV programs you watch. Omit three unnecessary things your doing (it could be TV programs) and either replace with actions to achieve important goals or replace with time just doing nothing. The latter will give you the energy and momentum to get you started on your goals.
  • Go out in nature and find your favorite flower or one that attracts you and just focus on it for a couple of moments. Observe its beauty, its colour, it’s fragrance and maybe even gently touch it so you can feel its texture. Engaging all of your senses to experience nature is exhilarating and raises energy levels immediately. Breath deeply, close your eyes and then open them again continuing to be mindful (observant)  on the flower whilst breathing deeply. You will find that there is a mutual transference of energy between you and the plant. You will find yourself energized, connected and feeling more creative. It is such a wonderful way to feel.
  • Sit in a beautiful place for at least ten minutes. It could be in the countryside or in your garden but make sure it’s somewhere quiet. Just sit there or lay down and practice the art of doing nothing. Your focus should be totally on your breathing. You’ll feel that beautiful brain muscle breath a sigh of relief as it gets a much needed rest. You’ll be surprised how much clarity you will have after doing this.
  • Recite these words as many times as you can every day ‘I always have extra time, extra freedom and motivation for my goals, for the people and other things that are important to me.’  Your brain is listening to every word you say and your body responds accordingly to the messages you give it. This is what is meant by that mind body connection. Saying this on consistent basis every day will deliver amazing results.
  • Stick the above mantra on sticky notes and put it on your bathroom mirror and on your computer. In fact any where and everywhere you are most likely to spend a lot of time in so it imprints on your subconscious. This will help you manifest your ideal reality.

It’s still a beautiful sunny day today. It’s time to take a rest from my computer and go out in the garden. I’m off to practice the art of ‘doing nothing’. Have a magical Tuesday 🙂

What tips do you have to replenish and motivate yourself?



10 Interesting Facts About Roses

The Earth Faeries garden

In today’s blog I am going to show you where I get my inspiration from and also share ten facts about about my favorite flower that often creeps into my jewellery. I am also going to tell you where my obsession with them came from.

For those who know me you’ll know I’m obsessed with roses which often reflects in the type of jewellery I make. It started when I was about 10 and my nana bought me a rose for my garden which was named after me and called Melanie. It was a yellow rose with the edges all flecked with red. The fact someone had bought me a rose and it was named after me made 10 year old me feel really special. And I think that was were the bond was formed and hence why they have always been my favorite flower.

The Earth Faeries garden
This is one of my favorite coloured roses in my garden

This picture was taken of the roses in my garden. Photograph by Chelsea Louise Haden Loving Life In Wellies Blog

I was in love with the smell, the silky texture and in awe of its beauty and how delicate it was yet strong at the same time. And so it started my love affair with them. And that rose is still in my mum’s garden today flourishing and thriving and looking as beautiful as ever. It obviously knows the secret to eternal youth!

My mum has always had a garden full of them and I remember making perfume out of the leaves when I was a teenager. Over the years I have met others who have magnificent rose gardens and have made rose jam out of the petals which I have yet to try. Rose petals are very versatile and last year I made a rose face tonic from my own petals that worked wonders for my skin and made me smell beautiful as well.

In my early twenties my passion for them led me to learn how to start crafting roses out of polymer clays. I used to have a hand full of them around the house as ornaments. And now more than twenty years later I have decided to start making them again. What started as a hobby and putting them up on face book to show my friends what I’d made and the interest in them has led to me to add them to my shop. I normally make roses out of silicone moulds but since taking up the craft of sculpturing them again I’ve put my silicone moulds away and am now enjoying crafting each individual petal. Here are some I have made:


Classic white hand made rose hair slide



I often get asked where I get my inspiration from and its often the garden, garden magazines or even the statuses that my face book friends post. I’ll study a rose and think to myself ‘I’d love to recreate you’ and off I go to my workshop. But it’s not just roses I love it’s all flowers and have been studying blue bells wondering if I could turn my hand at them too. That will be a future project.

Although I have always appreciated roses for their beauty I have to admit I have never known a lot about them. It is only since I got my house last year which has a huge garden that’s got quite its ample share of roses in it that I started to get really interested in how to look after them and find out more about them. I’d like to share with you some of the tips to looking after them that I have learned over the past year and some interesting facts about them.

Ten Interesting facts About Roses

  • Roses are woody perennials
  • They came from china
  • They thrive in sunny well drained soil
  • Plant them between November and February. If growing them in a pot you can plant them any time
  • It is estimated there is 100-150 species
  • Roses come from the Rosaceae family and bear the Latin name Rosa.
  • The prickles on stems are there to deter predators
  • The first hybrid rose was introduced in 1867 by Jean-Baptiste Guillot. All roses before that date are known as old garden roses. The roses that come after that date are called modern garden roses.
  • If you want your roses to grow big and strong pruning is necessary. You can do this mid February and mid March.
  • Many varieties are cultivated but there are still varieties that grow in the wild.

white rose

This is another picture of another rose in my garden. Photograph taken by Chelsea Louise Haden Loving Life In Wellies Blog

Where do you get your inspiration from and do you have any favorite flowers? Have any of you been inspired to make jewellery out them?






14 Reasons To Buy Hand Made

I started making hand made items about twenty years ago for my friends but in the past year have turned my passion into a new venture. Apart from loving making things there are many other reasons why I make hand made and also buy others hand made stuff rather than buy mass produced. In this blog I’m going to look at the many benefits of  buying hand made goods.

  • You know you are supporting a small businesses live their dreams and be able to support themselves and their families from doing something they love.
  • Personal customer service. You create a direct relationship with the designer or artist and become part of their extended family.
  • Feel good factor. When someone makes something personally for you apart of them..their love..their essence goes into the item they make and that essence is passed onto you when you receive it. It is like a sprinkling of magic faerie dust that stays with you. You can feel that energy.
  • Great quality product. The love for what they do means they normally pay more attention to detail so you can assured of a great quality product.
  • Stand out from a crowd. Having something custom made means your not a slave to fashion. If the shops are full of a certain colour then you can guarantee you’ll get to be unique by having the colour or style you’d like to wear made up for you.
  • Helping others to flourish. 10% of all my profits go to charity so you know your purchase is helping a good cause.
  • Helping to abolish sweat shops. Hand made products are made by a real artisan and not by children in sweat shops nor adults who are paid pennies a day. You may pay a bit more for the hand made item but you know you are helping to abolish that trade, and support a small business with good ethics who are dedicated to sustainability and ethically sourced materials. You are also paying the artisan for their quality, experience and talent.
  • Hand made products help communities. Studies have shown that many business owners who make hand made products are more likely to spend their profits in local community based businesses in their area.
  • Hand made products can serve your needs better. Because your dealing with the artisan direct they may be open to tweaking the item of the product to specifically fit your needs.
  • Hand crafted products are unique. There are fewer of those products than the ones mass produced so you get to stand out and express your personality more.
  • Hand crafted products are good for the environment. They take less energy to make them than mass produced items made by machines and on a production line. They use less electricity, no machinery, less waste so it makes them more environmentally sustainable.
  • Smaller scale – higher quality. Hand makers take enormous pride in their work and you can be assured that if there is a defect in their work they will want to fix it for you.
  • It keeps the age old skills alive so we can pass them on to future generations.

Can you think of any other reasons why you buy handmade? Please share.