The History of Wire Wrapping

Swarovski bridal hair comb

In today’s blog I am going to look at the history of wire wrapping. You may be wondering how this technique came about so I am going to look at why our ancestors chose to use this technique and why I use it to decorate my bridal hair combs.

For those of you who don’t know what wire wrapping jewellery is it is the art of bending, twisting, cutting and wrapping wire around hair combs and gems. It is also used to hold beads and gems on the wire without soldering, electricity, machinery or the use of modern technologies.

Swaroski bridal hair comb
An elegant hand made rose hair comb adorned in lustrous Swarovski crystals & Swarovski pearls


Here is one of the hair combs I wire wrapped

Wire wrapping dates back 1446 BC but there is evidence that it was used much earlier than that. Researchers have found wire jewellery in pyramids and in pharaohs tombs. Ancient ancestors used it because there was no electricity, machinery fire or modern day technologies then.

Early wire used for wire work was pounded flat into sheets and then rolled into thin tubes. It was thought that gold sheet were used as this could be hammered into thin sheets in which the wire would then be made of.

I started to learn this craft last year so I could wrap my hair combs. It looked great fun to learn and had me up many nights practicing. I am also using wire work to make tree of life table decorations which I will reveal to you soon. I like to use this art as I feel it is more Eco friendly as it requires no soldering, electricity, glues or any other modern technologies. I like the idea that I am leaving less of a carbon foot print.  Just like our ancient civilizations knew, it lasts the test of time and is a beautiful skill and has fascinating history to pass onto future generations.

How to over come the winter blues!

In this blog I am going to show you how I have got over those winter blues so we end the year on a high note. I’d like to show you some of the fun things that I have been up too that has replaced those blues with eternal sunshine.

There is something about this time of year that brings back memories of snuggling in front of a log fire and having snowball fun with my friends as well as with my daughter. However with everyone grown up now the fun has never ended and I am still doing the same.

You can imagine my delight when I drew back the curtains several days ago to discover a thick blanket of snow had descended on the Welsh countryside. Of course it has brought draw backs as we haven’t been able to get out in the car and have been official snowed in. But one has to make the best of the situation so I have been sledging, taking pictures of the products I have made, photographing this beautiful wonderland and of course helping to build a snow man. December is not complete without a snow man.



2017-12-11 21.38.16

He did have a nose and arms but unfortunately our dog a 2 year old Labrador decided to eat them .

The lighting has been fantastic to do some photography shots of my rose ornaments. You can see my full range here on my online shop. I am thinking about investing in a photography box but until then I grasp every opportunity when the lighting is right. After several attempts I took this picture in my garden and then ran in to warm my fingers on our log fire. Yep, that is how cold it is here.

Rose table decorations for wedding
The Earth Faeries have had fun making this and photographing it in our garden in the snow!

I took this picture in my garden.

The roads have been very slippery up here in the Wales but that didn’t stop me from going for lovely walks along the country lanes. I normally go in the fields but with about 3 foot of snow now it is virtually impossible to walk in it.  It stays extra light here up in the hills in Wales so I have been going for a walk in the midnight hour and with my torch light on my head. However with the thick snow clouds it has been more darker than normal. Normally I can look up at the sky and see all of the constellations and almost touch them. I spotted the sauce pan the other night. But since the snow fall there has been dark skies most nights so there has been no visibility.

All of my senses kick in on my late night walks. Its is so amazing to hear the hoot of the owls, feel the soft snow flakes caressing the skin and the rustle in the bushes as some form of wild life dwells there.  And then I stopped and listened and the sound was like music to my ears. It was the sound of silence!

Winter wonderland in Wales
The Earth Faeries love the snow so decided to play out in it

Snow is very metaphorical to me. It always signifies a clean slate and a new beginnings. A transition into an even better future. It has been beautiful watching the seasons change and although I do love the summer I think this time of year is one of my favorites.

Snuggled up in front of the fire with a hot drink, a magazine or even with my goal work book is an enjoyable experience. It is a time of year to reflect and note the progress we have made, no matter how small or big it has been. It helps me build confidence and momentum to go forward in 2018.  Occasionally I will glance out of my living room window to admire our handy work (the snow man). And this brings my attention back to the beauty of the now! As now is all we have. It’s a reminder to tell myself the past is over, the future is for my making and the now is all that matters. It is how I am feeling and what I am thinking now is paving the way for my future.

coffee cups

2017-12-11 21.35.53

2017-12-11 21.36.59.jpg

One of my lovely gardens where I went sledging on with my family.

And finally after 5 days of snow fall golden sun light has crept from beneath the clouds and the snow is finally melting. I can see huge droplets falling from my roof and the trees. I ventured out in the garden today to check the birds had enough food. I would have loved to have got some pictures as there was a huge robin red breast munching on the food. However the snow is all crunchy and alerted him to my presence and he took flight. It is always a good idea at this time of year to check the birds and wild life have food. Thankfully I checked as the birds had devoured the bird seed my daughter had put out for them so I’m off to the kitchen now to fill it up.



Three tips to beat them winter blues and put the inner sunshine back in.

  1. So if you feel like hibernating at this time of year and feeling on the blue side then go out in nature. She will heighten all of your senses and make you feel alive! Being out doors is a huge mood changer.
  2. Take up photography. You don’t have to be great photographer to do it and if if you want to develop those skills there are plenty of free resources on the internet so you can learn. The most important thing is you are having fun. Not only are you capturing the moment in time but your also creating great memories and adventures on the way.
  3. Count blessings. Just think that you are in your lovely warm house and others may not be so fortunate.
  4. Look after the wild life, whether that is hedge hogs or birds etc, it is making a difference and give you a warm glow knowing that you are helping others.

I hope you are all having a lovely run up to Christmas and enjoying the snow if you have it where you are. Keep warm and I will write soon.




The Earth Faerie Tales – Chapter 5

The rooms in the castle Mondevar were dim with only several golden strands of light partly illuminating the room she was in. Queen Veladera also known as the Gothic faerie was lay on her chaise lounge studying the statues that stood before her. She had had the statues for over a decade but unlike other statues they never aged. She stood up and strode over to them both and ran her purple talons over the roughness of the models features. Oh how she wished things had never come to be like this!

A tear fell down her pale cheek and her almost black eyes glistened in the dimness. She didn’t care much about the male statue but the female one she had once deeply loved. She had been her beloved sister. The most powerful of all of the faeries and known as the blue faerie. It had been a name that had stuck with her since birth as unlike the other fairies her skin and wings had been blue.

It had been said that every thousand years a blue faerie was born and that she would bring peace back to the people of faerie land. And the anomaly had been born into her family she thought, sighing.  She was lightness and all that was good. The protector of the animals, the oceans, the seas and all that was living. She monitored the actions of the humans in the other realm to ensure that they kept the balance of mother nature and when some of them didn’t she would sprinkle magic dust onto the good ones to help rekindle their own powers. Some times she would cross the veil between worlds and enter human land and whisper into humans ears to remind them of the power they had inside of them that they had forgotten centuries ago.  In her own world she had kept the peace between the goblins and pixies and other fellow faeries and she had been loved by many.

The prophecy had foretold that a blue faerie would come and create peacefulness in all of the dimensions, lifting the veil of faerie land so once again humanity could live side by side with the faerie folk. A lot of people in her land had not wanted that to happen and the Gothic faerie had been one of those people. And together they had conspired behind her sisters back.  And whilst the blue faerie had been sleeping with her lover, a human by the name of Jack who had willingly been turned into her own kind, she had flew into her bedroom and had cast a spell onto them both turning them into faux crystals. And now there she stood in the middle of her room a constant reminder of what had transpired.

With a sigh she stood up and strode out into the castles long dark hall ways. She passed Prince Dereamie on her way out and he held out his arms to her calling sweet words of love into her ear. She pushed him away for she had grown tired of his empty words and he stood looking at with brown puppy dog eyes that were pleading her to love him.   People who had had love spells put on them were no fun to be around she suddenly decided her face with a sudden sad expression on it as she continued marching down the hall.

Moving into the far end room which she referred to as the red room as the furnishings and fixtures were in every shade of red she looked through the windows at the land around her. There was a stillness as all the faeries who had dwelled near her home had been turned to stone. The birds and other animals who sensed her darkness had left for pastures new. And all that remained was her in a castle that had become more of a prison.

Out of the corner of her eye she seen a white glow and turned quickly to see her crystal ball glowing. Curiously she went over to it and peered into the clear orb that was so powerful it looked liked a humans television screen. Her eyes narrowed as she watched a very familiar figure materialize through the vortex and land in the middle of an open buttercup field. She could recognize that red hair and green eyes anywhere. It was Ruby Starlight the faerie who had come to her to ask her if she could make her human. Of course she had agreed but with one condition that she would never return to faerie land. She wondered how on earth she had got back into faerie form. Her eyes narrowed into slits as she wondered if she had returned for the ruby she had traded in for her new life in the human dimension. Her long talons curled around the red gemstone around her neck. It had been a fair trade and there was no way she was going to give it back for anything.

She knew Ruby very well. They were similar ages and had attended faerie school together. A very popular faerie unlike herself who had been shunned by others. She had never forgot how her and two other faeries by the names of Crystal Moonwand and Onyx had laughed at her when she had been trying to train her pet.  Each faerie child was bestowed a pet crystal or gem to train to work with them for the greater good of faerie kind and hers which was a yellow diamond had proved one of the most difficult to train.

That memory had stayed with her for ever and it was one of the reasons she disliked the woman who was stood in the field with an eagle perched on her hand. The screen of the ball darkened and then began to glow again as it began to refocus on another faerie, Princess Onyx who was stood before the counsel who were surrounded by everything that she hated; Christmas spirit. The normally dark old underground chamber where the counsel dwelled had been decorated for the first time in a century. No wonder Onxy looked shocked as rumor had it that Christmas spirit had left the councel members a long time ago. But what was more shocking was the other faeries words.

“As you know the Gothic faerie has taken over the north of faerie land. Many of the faeries have been turned to stone and the ones that haven’t she has put them under a spell to do her bidding. She has plans to conquer the whole of faerie land and something must be done to to stop her.”

The counsel members exchanged glances

“We are aware of this Princess Onyx.”

“Oh, you are?” she said looking taken back. “I see. So what do you plan to do to stop her?”

The orb became dark again and she slammed her hand down on the desk before shoving it in a black satchel and slinging it over her head.

“Fools the lots of them” she shouted “How dare they try to conspire against me after she had allowed them to continue with their outdated rules that no longer fitted in with modern society.”

“Time to put a stop to them.” she said he eyes narrowed into slits “and to Princess Onyx.”

Grabbing her cloak that had been flung on the back of the chair she draped it around her and then gently pulled her bat like wings through the slits. Opening the castles window she surveyed the darkening of the landscape as dusk was creeping in. Then leaping into the air her huge black wings propelling her upwards and forwards over the land and though the forest. The only sound was the vibration of her wings and her own cackling laughter as she maneuvered around the trees.

All was still in the castle apart from a creaking sound as one of the crystal statues began to crack. One eye popped open and began to focus on the room she was in.  The Blue Faerie was awake again and as the crystal began to crack over her chest, for the first time in a decade she took her first breath.

Chapter six coming soon.



6 Tips That I Have Used To Organize My Craft Events

I thought that I would use this blog to show you the developments in my Earth Faeries venture and also give you some tips on how to organize your event which have worked for me. These tips are applicable to organizing any event whether it is a craft stall or your wedding day.

I have a craft stall in August in Whittington Shopshire UK so I’m looking forward to that. I’m being productive making products at the moment and on the look out for a new table cloth for my craft stall table. I used one with a pattern last year and it detracted from my jewellery so this time I am going for a plain one.

It is not a bridal affair but a craft day so I thought I would make some fun hair accessories for both adults and children for every day wear. Here are some of the hair slides I have made so far for it.


Hand sculptured rose hair slides!

I thought that I would make some fun children’s hair-slides too for my craft stall. Here are some of them.

Classic white hand made rose hair slide




I have also been working on my branding and I have had a wonderful artist draw me my first beautiful Earth Faerie character. If you follow my Earth Faeries stories on my blog then you will be familiar with my faerie characters. If not check out out my The Earth Faerie stories here.

I have used this drawing in my blog and I also plan to have her made into henna tattoos and silicone moulds so I can make jewellery out of her. Here she is. Her name is Princess Onyx. I named her Princess Onyx because is the keeper of those gem stones. Not many people realize that Onyx can be black or white hence why her gemstone in her hand is white. Although her magical pet Onyx does turn both colours in the story.


I received a compilation of the drawings from my artist recently showing each stage of her development which I found fascinating. Here she is being drawn.


My Earth Faerie character Onyx being drawn

Here are 6 tips that I have used to organize my event that has helped make it stress free.

  • Start organizing and making your inventory in plenty of time. Don’t leave it to the last minute.
  • Order all materials well in advance so no having to rush to make things and you can then enjoy the process.
  • Do a stock check to ensure you have all of the materials to make your products in and do it in advance just in case you have to source out new materials if they are not in stock.
  • Get a big calendar and mark the day of your event. Stick it up on your wall as insight is in mind and there is no chance of forgetting the day!
  • Write a to do list of all the tasks you have to completed in that time period and tick them off as you complete them. It will give you momentum and confidence to keep you going. Plus chunking your goals down in easy manageable steps helps you get so much more clarity and gives you more direction.
  • Take some time out for yourself to meditate, go for a walk etc to relax & replenish as when you are calm you are more creative and think logically so you get things done faster!

So now to finish making the rest of my products for my jewellery stall. I will post a blog telling you about it after I have attended it. Does anyone else do craft stalls? If so please tell me what you make and where your craft stall is. Or perhaps you have some tips you would like to share about organizing an event then please leave your comments in the comment box as I’d love to hear your thoughts.

With love

From Melanie (The Earth Faeries)

5 Unusual Ways To Display Jewellery

Creative Items & Places To Display Your Jewellery

It has been quite a while since I wrote my last blog because I have had writers block & repetitive strain injury.  Not a nice words I know and something I’ve never been able to understand as have never had it until now.   Plus more recently I have also been nursing my little furry friend (my cat Mr D) back to full health so took a break from writing.  However I am back now feeling as creative as ever and note to self to slow down! Despite not updating my blog there has still  been a lot going on behind the scenes of The Earth Faeries from booking craft stalls to improving my photography skills, servicing my clients and having my new logo designed to name but a few.

I have been playing around with different types of back grounds to display my jewellery. I’m very close to opening my online shop ( it’s a choice between Folksy or The Craft Stall Collective) and regardless of which one I choose I need lots of pictures. That’s okay if you are a professional photographer but I’m not so its been a huge learning curve and I’m still learning. Nether the less it has been a fun & magical experience. I thought I would use this blog to show you some of the unusual places or things I’ve used to photograph my jewellery. Some of them I have tried and some I still have to try.

White Card


Pale yellow rose bobby pin
A delicate yet striking rose bobby pin


I found a piece of cut off wood in garden shed for this picture. My other house mate always uses them to photograph his art work so I thought I’d give it a try.

Back of glitter felt


I ordered some silver glitter craft felt to make another product and used the back of it to photograph this. I loved the way there was little pieces of glitter in the felt but not many so it didn’t detract from the jewellery.


Swarovski jewellery collection for brides
My Swarovski collection photographed in my friends garden

This shot of my jewellery was taken on a sun dial by Philip Antrobus who is a professional photographer. I’ve collaborated with Philip on several projects and he has a  wealth of ideas for great places to display items. Here’s a another photograph he did for a wedding shoot I was show casing my collection in. The wellies featured Ann Dibs beautiful handmade bridal bouquet. We wanted a Welsh countryside theme as that’s where my handmade jewellery is created hence the garden and the wellies.

My friends flower bouquet

Photograph by Philip Antrobus

Other ideas I haven’t tried so far are hanging earrings on painted milk bottles, tree branches, insides of books and even displaying other items of my jewellery on table coasters made out of sliced logs. You can get as creative as your imagination allows you too. When I was in school all those moons ago my teacher used to say to me Melanie stop your imagination running away with you! I say now to anyone ‘if you want to build a business or in fact do anything that requires you to step out of  comfort zone let it run and let it run very far!’

If you are avid photography fan or have a business yourself what have you used to display your jewellery or other products on?

To have a look at my range of products please click here




8 product development tips!

Behind the scenes of the development of The Earth Faeries company

I love product development and it is one of the most enjoyable aspects of my business.  It means I get to sit there with my pencil and paper doodling ideas and sketching the finished product. I use coloured pencils to play around with colours so I can get the contrast right.

I’m not an artist and my drawings may look as if a five year old has done them but they help me create the vision of what the finished product will look like. In my minds eye they don’t look like a five year old has done them thankfully and it’s that vision that helps me create beautiful pieces that I know my customers and family will love. It was my daughter who persuaded me to start to draw my ideas down on paper as she said it would really help me create them and bring them to life in my mind. And she was right and I’m so glad I didn’t let not being up to artist standard hold me back from giving it a go.

Being a crafter means I am always looking for the best materials to work with that are not only good quality but enjoyable to use too. I make a wide range of products from Swarovski crystals vegan silk clay jewellery (no silk worms here but refers to texture) polymer clay fridge magnets to hanging mobiles for babies. In this blog I’m going to look at product development which includes the type of materials I am using and at present sourcing. I am also going to give you some product development tips in-case you want to have a go at making your own.

Here are some of the items that I design and hand make:

Faux Pearl & Clear Swarovski set

Faux Ivory Pearl & Clear/Pink Swarovski Set


The beginning of a new product

I’m just in the middle of making my baby hanging mobiles however they are also great for adults too. I’m making my grown up daughter one for her bedroom. They take about 10 hours or more to make as they are hand made and hand painted but they are very relaxing to do. And the one below is a work in progress. I originally made four horses (all baked in my oven) and realized that it would look more balanced with another four so I am just in the middle of making them.


Here’s me painting my figurines for my hanging mobile.


These are still being painted but I’m nearly there.


I originally sanded and painted the wooden hoop I am hanging the figurines from. I wrapped a beautiful gold shimmer ribbon around the centre of the hoop so the pink paint would still be visible either side. However although it looked beautiful it didn’t match the vision in my head. I knew I wanted this product to be very eye catching for little ones to bring them a source of pleasure and entertainment when they are lay in their cots or beds. And having had my own child I knew babies loved anything sparkly and it would capture her attention for a long time.

I envisioned  beautiful glitter flags around the hoop that would give a canopy effect so the hunt was on for the material that I could use.


I came across glitter felt and it felt like being a child again in candy land. Felt on one side and a beautiful glitter on the other side. The felt is really easy to work with and great to trace around my hand made template triangle (for the flag canopy). It is easy to cut and  my scissors glide through it.

I currently work with Fimo which is a polymer clay but I am always always sourcing out different materials. I recently sent away for some air dry clay but I didn’t enjoy working with it.  It cracked very easily so I had to keep using lots of water on it which I enjoyed. However it didn’t do very well in the moulds and because some of my silicone moulds are very deep it didn’t dry properly. I am just looking at porcelain clay now which is vegan and if I like it then there are plans to make the figurines on the hanging mobiles out of it in future.

As soon as the project is complete I will write an article on it so you can see my finished creation.

Perhaps your thinking about starting your own project but not sure how to get started. I thought I would give you some product development tips that have helped me enormously.

7 product development tips

  1. Look round on the internet or in magazines to help generate ideas. Don’t copy though. It is nice if your work is original. It can be similar but have fun adding your own twist to it.
  2. Sketch your ideas. It doesn’t matter if you can’t draw as only you is going to see it. You will find it helps construct the vision of the product in your mind.
  3. If your planning on selling your product decide how your going to price yourself? For example work out how much something costs you and then selling it a price that you make a profit on. Or alternatively charge an hourly rate if the project takes a couple of hours to make.
  4. If your planning on selling what you make ensure you do your market research and find out who your target audience is and also whether there really is a need for your product.
  5. Take lots of walks in nature. All of that fresh air increases energy and adds oxygen to the brain cells which means more thinking power. With more thinking power you’re more likely to be able to use your imagination to come up with something beautiful.
  6. If making jewellery think about using a bead design board. It allows you to play around with your designs before you string them. I have one of these and it makes the design stage so much easier.


8. Learn how to do meditation and do it every day. It will clear you mind and without the sea of endless thoughts ideas will come more readily. It will replenish you thus helping you be more productive.

And if making things isn’t for you then I offer a great selection of beautiful gift ideas for every day use and for special occasions for you to choose from. Please click the link to see them.

Additional Note

I no longer work with Fimo as have discovered it has animal by products in but instead now work with cruelty free clays.



18 Facts About Turquoise Stones


‘ Its powers can be harnessed and utilized for good fortune’

In this blog I am going to look at one of my other favorite stones; turquoise.   It is a beautiful stone and has a hue of  light blue that reminds me of the sky. It’s history is diverse & fascinating. Its powers can be harnessed and utilized to bring you good fortune plus much more.


It looks gorgeous worn as jewellery complimenting all complexions and is a stone of wealth. It was worn by Anselmus de Boot, court physician of Emperor Rudolph II. It was wrote in 1609 that Turquoise was so highly regarded by men that no man considered his hand to be well adorned unless he wore a fine Turquoise. [Kunz, 111].

Lets  look at some more interesting facts:

  •  This semi precious stone has been a prized gem for thousands of years. It has been the talisman of kings shamans and warriors.
  • Consists of hydrated phosphate of copper aluminum.
  • It is found in barren & dry regions only.
  • Turquoise derived from the french Pierre Turquoise meaning Turkish stone.
  • Turquoise was mined in Central Asia and the trade routes to get it to Europe went through Turkey.
  • It is a stone of protection whilst traveling and my friend always carries one in his car to aid him a safe passage.
  • It can be used with pets to keep them safe. You can stick one in a name barrel on their collar.
  • It is a good talisman for attracting friends. It has been said he/she who has it will never want a friend.
  • The ancient Egyptians, Chinese, Persians, Aztecs, Incas of South America, Native North Americans saw the stone as being sacred and used it for luck, protection and power.
  • Indian priests wore it in ceremonies when calling upon the gods of the skies.
  • In the orient the ring was worn as a protection amulet to ward off dark forces.
  • Turquoise beads have been found dating back to 5,000 BC in Iraq.
  • It promotes creativity so is the stone of artists/crafters so keep one on your work station. I do and the ideas always keep flowing.
  • It increases success. Wear one when going for interviews or trying to attract prospective clients. My friend has a beautiful elephant carved out of turquoise and always keeps it on her desk. She is an artist and is always inundated with clients.
  • It promotes leadership and enhances communication thus fantastic for businesses that work directly with people and it also aids shy people.
  • It is used to strengthen the meridians and subtle energy fields that surround the body enhancing well-being.
  • It supports mediation and is a good stone to have with you when you are meditating. As I meditate in different places I carry mine in my pocket. They also look beautiful on your alters too.
  • It promotes peace of mind and relaxation so its a lovely stone to keep in your bedroom next to your bed.

So if your looking for a beautiful stone that not only enhances your beauty but provides an abundance of good fortune, success and well being then turquoise is a superb choice. And one that will give you an abundance of pleasure whether it is worn as jewellery or used as part of your decor.

What is your favorite stone?




6 top tips on how to get creative with your children!


In this blog I’m going to take you behind the scenes and  tell you how I make my faerie jars. Plus I will be introducing you to my magical little helpers. All of my faerie jars are bespoke and made to order and are a fun way to spend the day. I will also give you some tips for gaining inspiration just incase you want to get creative yourself.

I recently received a lovely project from a lovely customer to make some faerie jars for her children. She asked me and my little helpers  (The Earth Faeries) plus the children’s tooth faeries to make some faeries jars for her children. So together with the rest of my faerie helpers we sat at my kitchen table surrounded by glitters and beautiful colored cords and other fun craft stuff. We got to work with a smile on our faces.


Pearl Luster was very helpful she fluttered over to the glitter and accessories and brought them over to our table. I chose silver and gold cord for each bottle and I braided the cords.


Crystal Moon Wand helped by pouring the glitter into the jars. We also had a guest appearance from two of  the little girls tooth faeries Butterfly Wand Queen and North Star Glitter who wrote the letters to the children.

Our guest stars chose the colours of the glitter and colour of the cord. Myself and my team of other helpers cut the A4 paper into long strips and coloured the paper to give a lovely authentic look to the scrolls. I like to use tea bags to colour the paper as they really do give the scroll a lovely old authentic look.


(Before and after pictures of the paper)

Then our guest stars the tooth faeries took the scrolls out into the garden and began to write their lovely letters to the children.



After that it was handed to me, I rolled it into the scroll and Crystal Moon Wand tied the silver and gold cords around the scrolls. We all held the scissors whilst we cut the cord. It really was a team effort.




Then afterword we all went out into the garden again to take some pictures of what we had made. Over all it was a fun productive and creative day.

I’d like to say a big thank you to my helpers Crystal Moon Wand, Pearl Luster, and our guest star tooth faeries North Star Glitter and Wand Butterfly Queen. They were a great team to collaborate with. And an extra special thank you to all of them for sprinkling their magic on the beautiful faerie jars so that it brings the children much good fortune and prosperity.

I’m looking forward to our next collaboration.

And if you fancy getting creative and having fun with your children. Here are some great tips to help you along.

  • Put some nice relaxing music on whilst doing your projects as when nice and relaxed the mind opens up and your more likely to think of fun ideas
  • In the summer months why not put a blanket on the grass in your garden and work on your projects there.
  • Go for a walk in nature first. All of the oxygen is great for the brain cells.  You’ll find not only will you have more energy to complete the project among-st other things as well but you will have more thinking power too.
  • Make sure that you have all of the materials needed in one place next to you to save having to get up all the time. It conserve energy so you have more of it to enjoy your fun projects.
  • Look on line or in magazines for projects or ideas.
  • Let your imagination have free reign.

Have you embarked on any fun creative projects lately? If so please share as I’d love to hear more about it.

Additional note

Since writing this article I no longer supply normal glitters which are harmful for the environment. I now use biodegradable compostable glitters that are eco friendly.

Here is one of my latest products