Table Decorations For Weddings

Handmade Sculptured Roses With A Bespoke Poem in  a Scroll For Each Of Your Guests


Product information


These hand made rose ornaments have the texture of soft satin and are the perfect addition to your wedding tables. Weighing next to nothing and only 3 inches you’ll find it maximizes space, is easy to carry to your event and a unique gift for your guests to take away with them.  Each scroll is addressed to your guest and has a bespoke poem in it.  They make unique bridesmaid gifts or can be used as table decorations that your guests can take away with them. They make great ice breakers as each guest can read out their bespoke poem to other guests.  They are also great as ornaments in your house & are a welcome touch to your decor.  They are also cruelty free!


They are surrounded by quartz crystals before dispatch to imbue them with loving energy which has a positive effect on the you and your house.

Here’s one of my testimonials from one of my customers:

‘Thank you Earth Faeries for the beautiful box of Roses and the lovely poem!’

Tina, America

I want to give Melanie a great big shout out. I received my rose yesterday and I am so delighted with it! I’m sure the garden fairies gave A little magical touch to it as well.! It now has a very special home on my alter in my sacred space.

Thank you so much Melanie, I absolutely love my special rose you made for me. It has such a good vibration to it and the color is perfect.! I am so grateful to receive such a special rose from such a sweet and lovely lady! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Lisa, USA


Table Decorations By The Earth Faeries

Faeries always love special occasions,
Sprinkling magic dust that looks like silver & gold,
On the petals of the roses they do sit
Which is a sight to behold!
For when you see a rose twitch,
You know the faeries are there,
Sprinkling magic on your special day,
Which they are glad to share!

2017-07-19 15.08.09


£19.99 for pack of three hand made pink scrolls and 3 rose ornaments

2017-11-11 12.41.02

2017-11-11 12.42.42.jpg

£19.99 for 3 hand made turquoise roses and scrolls

After you have ordered please contact me at or with your guests details. I will then customize their unique poem.  Colours can be also customized for you for free so please email me for further details.

Please join my face book group to see any new products, testimonials, plus ideas & inspiration for your wedding day.





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