Handmade Flower Girl Gifts


My jewellery & accessories are handmade in Nature & inspired by Wales  I enjoy creating joy & magic everywhere we go!

Let the magic begin

Welcome to faerie land. Where wishes are received and delivered to you and your loved ones with lots of love!

Handmade Earrings



Buy now purple Swarovski hearts with 925 silver wires

These delicate purple heart shaped authentic Swarovski crystals look beautiful with bridesmaids attire. They also look great for every day wear. The ear wires are 925 silver and have been handmade.

Custom Eco Friendly Faerie Gifts

This delightful faerie jar keep sake adds a magical touch to your child’s life.  The Earth Faeries work closely with your child’s favorite faerie. Can you imagine your little ones or flower girls delight when they receive a personalized poem or message on a hand made scroll from their little magical faerie friend in a glittering jar and a customized hair slide made from her favorite faerie.   No two poems are ever the same and are bespoke. They also make great brides maids gifts for younger children.


Product information

3 in 1

The faerie jar is ornamental and makes a great keepsake and is about 4 inches. The rose on the hair slide is the size of a two pence piece. The cosmetic grade rose glitter which is biodegradable & compostable can double up as eye-shadow and  put into mum’s nail varnish. Alternatively your children can mix it in their paint for a sparkly effect so you get a 2 in 1 product.  You will receive an additional heart shaped bottle filled full of the cosmetic glitter to use.

Here is what one of my customers said about her faerie gifts:

“Thank you so much for doing these magical fairy jars for the girls.
They were so excited when they woke up in the morning to find this lovely box.
The fairies write letters to the girls every time a tooth comes out. The girls would leave a little letter asking them many questions and their fairy would always reply to their letters.
So when I met The Earth Faeries, they made something that was so special for me and my girls, that we will treasure forever. So thank you so much for doing this for us.
I would recommend you to anyone.”
I felt that you took my ideas and our letters and transformed them into something amazing.
Thank you xx
Charlotte Duggleby
Magical Faerie Jars by The Earth Faeries


Faeries love to put pen to paper,
In there words they do weave
A sprinkling of good magic
For those who dare to believe!


£10.50 for faerie with with glitter in, hand made hair slide and cosmetic glitter in heart bottle

This magical faerie jar, cosmetic glitter and hair slide makes a unique gift and keepsake for your little ones and bridesmaids. Add the glitter to your makeup or children’s paint for hours of creative fun. The satin looking soft hand made turquoise and white hair slide are weightless so you can’t feel them in your hair and look pretty worn for children’s parties and every day wear.

Buy now rose pink faerie jar with delicate hand sculptured rose hair slide

The rose hair slides can be made in any colour to match your wedding theme or your flower girl/bridesmaids tastes. Your poem can be personalized too! Please email me at theearthfaeries@gmail.com to discuss your requirements. Thank you!


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