The Earth Faerie Tales – Chapter 5

The rooms in the castle Mondevar were dim with only several golden strands of light partly illuminating the room she was in. Queen Veladera also known as the Gothic faerie was lay on her chaise lounge studying the statues that stood before her. She had had the statues for over a decade but unlike other statues they never aged. She stood up and strode over to them both and ran her purple talons over the roughness of the models features. Oh how she wished things had never come to be like this!

A tear fell down her pale cheek and her almost black eyes glistened in the dimness. She didn’t care much about the male statue but the female one she had once deeply loved. She had been her beloved sister. The most powerful of all of the faeries and known as the blue faerie. It had been a name that had stuck with her since birth as unlike the other fairies her skin and wings had been blue.

It had been said that every thousand years a blue faerie was born and that she would bring peace back to the people of faerie land. And the anomaly had been born into her family she thought, sighing.  She was lightness and all that was good. The protector of the animals, the oceans, the seas and all that was living. She monitored the actions of the humans in the other realm to ensure that they kept the balance of mother nature and when some of them didn’t she would sprinkle magic dust onto the good ones to help rekindle their own powers. Some times she would cross the veil between worlds and enter human land and whisper into humans ears to remind them of the power they had inside of them that they had forgotten centuries ago.  In her own world she had kept the peace between the goblins and pixies and other fellow faeries and she had been loved by many.

The prophecy had foretold that a blue faerie would come and create peacefulness in all of the dimensions, lifting the veil of faerie land so once again humanity could live side by side with the faerie folk. A lot of people in her land had not wanted that to happen and the Gothic faerie had been one of those people. And together they had conspired behind her sisters back.  And whilst the blue faerie had been sleeping with her lover, a human by the name of Jack who had willingly been turned into her own kind, she had flew into her bedroom and had cast a spell onto them both turning them into faux crystals. And now there she stood in the middle of her room a constant reminder of what had transpired.

With a sigh she stood up and strode out into the castles long dark hall ways. She passed Prince Dereamie on her way out and he held out his arms to her calling sweet words of love into her ear. She pushed him away for she had grown tired of his empty words and he stood looking at with brown puppy dog eyes that were pleading her to love him.   People who had had love spells put on them were no fun to be around she suddenly decided her face with a sudden sad expression on it as she continued marching down the hall.

Moving into the far end room which she referred to as the red room as the furnishings and fixtures were in every shade of red she looked through the windows at the land around her. There was a stillness as all the faeries who had dwelled near her home had been turned to stone. The birds and other animals who sensed her darkness had left for pastures new. And all that remained was her in a castle that had become more of a prison.

Out of the corner of her eye she seen a white glow and turned quickly to see her crystal ball glowing. Curiously she went over to it and peered into the clear orb that was so powerful it looked liked a humans television screen. Her eyes narrowed as she watched a very familiar figure materialize through the vortex and land in the middle of an open buttercup field. She could recognize that red hair and green eyes anywhere. It was Ruby Starlight the faerie who had come to her to ask her if she could make her human. Of course she had agreed but with one condition that she would never return to faerie land. She wondered how on earth she had got back into faerie form. Her eyes narrowed into slits as she wondered if she had returned for the ruby she had traded in for her new life in the human dimension. Her long talons curled around the red gemstone around her neck. It had been a fair trade and there was no way she was going to give it back for anything.

She knew Ruby very well. They were similar ages and had attended faerie school together. A very popular faerie unlike herself who had been shunned by others. She had never forgot how her and two other faeries by the names of Crystal Moonwand and Onyx had laughed at her when she had been trying to train her pet.  Each faerie child was bestowed a pet crystal or gem to train to work with them for the greater good of faerie kind and hers which was a yellow diamond had proved one of the most difficult to train.

That memory had stayed with her for ever and it was one of the reasons she disliked the woman who was stood in the field with an eagle perched on her hand. The screen of the ball darkened and then began to glow again as it began to refocus on another faerie, Princess Onyx who was stood before the counsel who were surrounded by everything that she hated; Christmas spirit. The normally dark old underground chamber where the counsel dwelled had been decorated for the first time in a century. No wonder Onxy looked shocked as rumor had it that Christmas spirit had left the councel members a long time ago. But what was more shocking was the other faeries words.

“As you know the Gothic faerie has taken over the north of faerie land. Many of the faeries have been turned to stone and the ones that haven’t she has put them under a spell to do her bidding. She has plans to conquer the whole of faerie land and something must be done to to stop her.”

The counsel members exchanged glances

“We are aware of this Princess Onyx.”

“Oh, you are?” she said looking taken back. “I see. So what do you plan to do to stop her?”

The orb became dark again and she slammed her hand down on the desk before shoving it in a black satchel and slinging it over her head.

“Fools the lots of them” she shouted “How dare they try to conspire against me after she had allowed them to continue with their outdated rules that no longer fitted in with modern society.”

“Time to put a stop to them.” she said he eyes narrowed into slits “and to Princess Onyx.”

Grabbing her cloak that had been flung on the back of the chair she draped it around her and then gently pulled her bat like wings through the slits. Opening the castles window she surveyed the darkening of the landscape as dusk was creeping in. Then leaping into the air her huge black wings propelling her upwards and forwards over the land and though the forest. The only sound was the vibration of her wings and her own cackling laughter as she maneuvered around the trees.

All was still in the castle apart from a creaking sound as one of the crystal statues began to crack. One eye popped open and began to focus on the room she was in.  The Blue Faerie was awake again and as the crystal began to crack over her chest, for the first time in a decade she took her first breath.

Chapter six coming soon.




6 Tips That I Have Used To Organize My Craft Events

I thought that I would use this blog to show you the developments in my Earth Faeries venture and also give you some tips on how to organize your event which have worked for me. These tips are applicable to organizing any event whether it is a craft stall or your wedding day.

I have a craft stall in August in Whittington Shopshire UK so I’m looking forward to that. I’m being productive making products at the moment and on the look out for a new table cloth for my craft stall table. I used one with a pattern last year and it detracted from my jewellery so this time I am going for a plain one.

It is not a bridal affair but a craft day so I thought I would make some fun hair accessories for both adults and children for every day wear. Here are some of the hair slides I have made so far for it.


Hand sculptured rose hair slides!

I thought that I would make some fun children’s hair-slides too for my craft stall. Here are some of them.



Heart hair slides

The heart hair slides have been made using a mould and I mixed glitter in with the material I use to give it a glitzy effect. Some of them have been marbled which means using a special technique to get a marbled effect. Each effect is different and can never be duplicated which means each hair slides is unique. I finished them off by adding a gem to them. I have just ordered some clear gems so I can finish off making them all. My products are all vegan and have been made out of vegan silk clay which is called silk clay because it has a silky feel to it and not because it has been made of silk.

I have also been working on my branding and I have had a wonderful artist draw me my first beautiful Earth Faerie character. If you follow my Earth Faeries stories on my blog then you will be familiar with my faerie characters. If not check out out my The Earth Faerie stories here.

I have used this drawing in my blog and I also plan to have her made into henna tattoos and silicone moulds so I can make jewellery out of her. Here she is. Her name is Princess Onyx. I named her Princess Onyx because is the keeper of those gem stones. Not many people realize that Onyx can be black or white hence why her gemstone in her hand is white. Although her magical pet Onyx does turn both colours in the story.


I received a compilation of the drawings from my artist recently showing each stage of her development which I found fascinating. Here she is being drawn.


My Earth Faerie character Onyx being drawn

Here are 6 tips that I have used to organize my event that has helped make it stress free.

  • Start organizing and making your inventory in plenty of time. Don’t leave it to the last minute.
  • Order all materials well in advance so no having to rush to make things and you can then enjoy the process.
  • Do a stock check to ensure you have all of the materials to make your products in and do it in advance just in case you have to source out new materials if they are not in stock.
  • Get a big calendar and mark the day of your event. Stick it up on your wall as insight is in mind and there is no chance of forgetting the day!
  • Write a to do list of all the tasks you have to completed in that time period and tick them off as you complete them. It will give you momentum and confidence to keep you going. Plus chunking your goals down in easy manageable steps helps you get so much more clarity and gives you more direction.
  • Take some time out for yourself to meditate, go for a walk etc to relax & replenish as when you are calm you are more creative and think logically so you get things done faster!

So now to finish making the rest of my products for my jewellery stall. I will post a blog telling you about it after I have attended it. Does anyone else do craft stalls? If so please tell me what you make and where your craft stall is. Or perhaps you have some tips you would like to share about organizing an event then please leave your comments in the comment box as I’d love to hear your thoughts.

With love

From Melanie (The Earth Faeries)

11 Tips On How To Find The Energy For Biz Life Balance

In this blog I am going to show you how to replenish your energy so you can maintain that business life balance, and get that momentum to keep doing what you love most.

Running a jewellery business is a full time career. It involves all the usual tasks such as selling, marketing, making, gaining inspiration, developing new product lines, managing social media accounts, doing your books and processing orders to name but a few. And whilst I am  doing all of this I am striving to have a social life and keep that business life balance going. Not to mention looking after and exercising our family dog and cat. 20170713_211429_Richtone(HDR)_resized

Here is the handsome fellow who keeps me company whilst I craft.

bell my dog

This is the big pup we all love and adore very much! She is such a character and often also keeps me company when I craft!

Some times I am inundated with orders and other times there are quiet periods which are all normal parts of growing a new business.  In those quiet moments I will be working on new ideas for new inventory, marketing on social media platforms or learning new jewellery making skills so really there is never any quiet moments when running a business.   I may have done all of the above in the early part of the day and then later on in the evening I will start making the orders I have received during the day.  I also have another business so not only am I juggling one business but two.   And If I’m honest it can take it out of me if I don’t watch the balance.

I thought I’d share how I keep my balance and replenish. The following information can be applied to anyone with their goals. Whether you are organizing a wedding, running a business yourself or any other type of event or projects.

  • I take some time off and smell my roses. I literally take myself off the computer, away from the phone and emerge myself in what I love most which is my garden. It really energizes me.
  • 20170619_173109_resized.jpg
Here is my little summer house which I craft in when it’s too hot or rainy outside.




My magical garden where I am just designing a faerie garden and planning to plant some more roses. My friend is making a plaque for me saying Melanie’s Rose garden which I’m really excited about.
  • I eat good quality foods and reward myself with some dairy free vegan desserts  such as this yummy recipe my daughter made me today. Click here to see the recipe.


  • I write a progress list of everything I have done in the year and give thanks for it all. This reminds me how far I have come, increases my confidence and gives me the momentum to keep going.


  • I look around for inspirational quotes that inspire me and make me smile.

faerie picture with quote

faery tale quote.jpg

faerie image

faerie quote 4

  • I make time to meditate and if weather permits I will do it in my garden in my little woodland.
  • I’ll take an hour or two for myself and lay in my hammock watching the world go by. Often with big pup on one side and my cat on the other. But there is something really energizing about being with too super cute furry characters. Purring apparently is really good for our well-being!


My hammock where I just relax and unwind each day!

  • Pure silence. Not a thought in my head only the sensation of the rocking motion of the hammock. I feel like a baby again in my mums arms.
  • I live in Wales in the countryside so I go out walking and hiking each day and often take our family dog with me. She’s a curious soul and often makes me laugh. Laughing is so uplifting and gives you surge of energy.


Here’s the big pup!

  • I’ll relax of an evening and read two of my favorite magazines which is wander lust and country walking.
  • I write in my gratitude diary every day and thus always get more to be grateful for. After doing this I am always presented with solutions which helps me retain my energy.
  • I make it my mission to laugh about something every day. Laughing is good for the soul and I get a great energy boost.

Do you have any tips you would like to share how to replenish and juggle your business and life?

4 tips On How To Make Life Style Changes

How To Make Life Style Changes

In this blog I’m going to show you some of the big life style changes I have been making over the past year plus give you a fantastic recipe with incredible food that your going to love.  I changed my career from writing and tarot reading to making jewellery and accessories. This was a big step for me but one of the best decisions of my life as I’m in love what I do which is getting creative and getting paid for what I enjoy doing is a bonus.

My top 4 tips for making any kind of changes in life is take baby steps, keep a record of your progress to build confidence and give yourself plenty of pat on backs. If you are making changes in your business then keep your customers informed and assure them that they are still going to get fantastic customer service, great products but even better products and services. If you are making life style changes for your wedding then why not team up with another bride and motivate and encourage each other each step of the way!

The second step was to re-brand my jewellery and accessory business which was a major step for me. I had to source out new  suppliers whilst others informed me that their products were vegan so that was a huge relief as I had already invested lots of money into my materials. I had already wrote some of Earth Faeries tales which you can find on here on my website and then discovered one of the characters names no longer fitted in with my branding.

It was many months of wondering how to get round this until I had an aha moment. I changed the characters name and several other minor details and now can go forward again. So I’m sorry to all of my followers who have been reading the stories and waiting for the next chapter – I am in the middle of writing it now. Here’s one of my Earth faeries characters being drawn up. Her name is Onyx and she is the keeper of yes you guessed it – all onyx stones. She is almost ready to be painted. My designer sent her through today so it was a happy start to the day.



The third change for me was to go from being a vegetarian to a vegan. I changed my branding first of all and made all of my products vegan and then my life style just followed suit.

Becoming vegan was something I had always wanted to do for ethical reasons however I have a sweet tooth and didn’t know how on earth I’d get round that. And has it been easy to do? You bet it has! I have been vegan about three weeks and I am wondering why I didn’t do it sooner as my dairy free vegan food and desserts that I have been making is scrumptious and I was amazed at how much variety there is if you love cooking. I’m left wondering how on earth I never knew how many scrumptious alternative foods are out there.

I must admit I have a sweet tooth and I didn’t know how I would cope with quitting chocolate. Enter Deliciously Ella the cook book that changed my life plus lots of great recipes that my daughter has been trying on me. And I haven’t looked back. My daughter has also become vegan which is good because we are getting to bounce ideas for new recipes off each other.  I’d like to share this one with you that my daughter made me.  It is a dairy free chocolate mouse made out of cacao and avocado’s plus lots of other awesome ingredients that are good for the body. You can’t taste the avocado’s and trust me you will be coming back for seconds. But don’t take my word for it, why not try it for yourself.

Recipe for Avocado Chocolate Mousse



2 ripe avocados

4 ripe bananas, peeled

12 Medjool dates pitted

4 table spoons of coconut oil

5 heaped teaspoons of cacao powder

Drizzle of golden syrup – 2 tea spoons (optional)

Sprinkle of chia seeds

This recipe has been taken from Deliciously Ella book by Ella Woodward an adapted.


Slice the avocados in half, remove the stones and peels the avocados. Put the avocado flesh into the food processor

Add all remaining ingredients apart from the chai seeds into the food processor with 5 table spoons of water and the syrup and blend it.

Put the finished mixture in four bowls and sprinkle over the chai seeds.

Keep refrigerated for about three hours for it to set and then voila…enjoy!

Do you have other dairy free vegan desserts you can share with me as I’d love to try them

Love Melanie from The Earth Faeries






Do you have any vegan recipes to share with me? Please leave them in the comments section.



4 Tips To help you achieve your goals!

In this blog I am going to look at the things, experiences and people I am grateful for. Gratitude is in my opinion one of the most magical and powerful ways to change every aspect of your life and it has certainly helped me to expand my business so I  can do more of what I love – which is making more of my jewellery for fabulous customers and have more freedom to do more of what I enjoy. It is also a great way to note your progress which increases momentum and gives you the confidence to go forward. You can apply this with any of your goals including business and your wedding.

This week I am thankful for:

  • For my designer Roberto drawing one of Earth Faeries Characters for me. Her name is Princess Onyx and she is the keeper of Onyx crystals. Here is a sneaky preview of her being drawn. This was the first two drafts and am waiting on the final drawing now. I’m so excited to see the final draft. She is going to be used for my stories, my stickers and other literature. Plus I’m planning on having her made into a henna tatoo and silicone moulds. They are copyrighted to me so my customers won’t be able to get her from anywhere else so they can have something totally unique. A big thank you Roberto.



  • For the professional photographer who selected me as one of the crafters to feature as part of his project. He is coming on the 15th of this month to my house to photograph me making my hair accessories. It’s my first time having anyone watch me make my inventory so I’ll keep you posted.
  • For my lovely customers for giving me such a fabulous review. I custom made some rose hair accessories for her and her reaction brought tears of joy to my eyes. To view the video please click here which will take you to my Earth Faeries group so you can watch it click here
  • For the encouragement I have received off my clients, their glowing reviews and for them being part of the Earth Faeries experience and helping me to create a brand they love and I love too.
  • For my beautiful garden and the place I live in wales that is often my workshop as I sit out in my garden and in a little summer house to make my inventory. I’m also grateful for all the flowers in my garden that inspire me to make my roses.
  • 20170619_172806_resized
  • For my daughter, friends and Facebook friends for sending me all of the right contacts in order for me to re-brand and turn my business into an eco friendly one which is suitable for vegans.
  • For my friend Natasha for telling me about the craft stall in Whittington and booking it for me so I can join her for a lovely day out in August to showcase my inventory as well as meet more fabulous people.
  • For my friend Rik and my family for always listening to my ideas on what jewellery I am going to make next. I know I eat sleep and breath it and they always show their interest in what I’m doing and encourage me so thank you guys. I’ll try to talk about other things too!
  • For the internet for allowing me to connect with my customers and the rich source of information on it that has really helped take my jewellery business to the next level.
  • For the blogging community, my customers and Facebook friends for showing an interest in my blogs and for following me.
  • For the customers who have bought my jewellery and enabled me to support the charities that I care deeply about The farmhouse Sanctuary supported by Joanna Lumley and forget me not which also provides a sanctuary for rescued farm house animals and other animals. 10% of each of the items I sell goes to these two charities.
  • For my daughter Chelsea for paying me to make a gift for her friends birthday. It is lovely that my own family love and value what I do that they are willing to pay me for my services.
Classic white hand made rose hair slide


These are the hand made and sculptured rose I made and customized for my customer.

  • For my best friend Jaswant for always listening to me, encouraging me, sharing my vision for The Earth Faeries and for sending me inspirational ideas through.
  • For all of my new Earth faerie group members for following my status, interacting with me and also posting beautiful inspirational pictures up on my group. For a daily dose of inspiration come and join me here
  • For the abundance of boxes that have been given to me to package my inventory in. I use either recycled or up-cycled. Thank you mum for your help, support belief in me and encouragement.

I always write my gratitude diary every day. It’s an excellent way to see how far I have come and gives me the momentum to go forwards to achieve my objectives.

Here are some tips on how to go forward in life:

  • Forget the past, learn from it and move on. You can’t change the past but you can change your future and create a better one for yourself by starting where you are now and focusing on where you want to be.
  • Keep a daily gratitude diary so you can count your blessings no matter how small they may appear to begin with. You’ll be nicely surprised to see how little things become huge things eventually.  You can use this for your weddings, your business or any other goal that you have. The power of gratitude shifts your mood and puts you on a frequency to receive lots more. It also helps you to keep track of your progress.
  • Be mindful of what you have and the progress you are making, the people who are helping you – it really will help shift your mindset into a more resourceful stage.
  • Be patient with yourself. You have come so far! Acknowledge this and celebrate your mile stones. Give yourself a pat on back. You deserve this as much as anyone. Know this, believe this and others will too. As they say confidence is all an inside job and it’s really working for me.

Do you have any other tips you can share that have helped you go forwards in planning your wedding, expanding your business or in any other goals? Please share in the comments section.


With love







6 Tips On Finding Your Muse

In this blog I am celebrating British Flower week and I’m going to give you some tips on how to find your muse!

I adore flowers in their natural settings i.e growing in the ground or on bushes like my roses. I always ask people to buy me pot plants rather than flowers as once cut they don’t last that long. Flowers are alive just like me and you and hence why I  chose to make artificial ones out of vegan silk clay (named because of the feel of the texture of the clay) like the ones I have made below.


Pale Green Hand Sculptured Rose

White Sculptured Rose – inspired by a rose in my garden


Pink Sculptured Rose.

This week is British flower week so I thought I would celebrate it by showing you some of the flowers in my garden. These often surround me when I am getting creative. There is something magical about sitting next to a rose tree and having its fragrance tantalize my nostrils. Plus I am always studying other flowers so I can learn how to make them artificially. My flowers and garden are my muse.





This is part of my garden where I happily create surrounded by my muse: flowers, fresh air and wild life.

Here are 6 tips to get your muse.

  • Look around your environment for things that inspire you. It could be a garden, flowers even someone else’s creative projects.
  • Try doodling or drawing.
  • Write, let the words flow. Just writing can help generate creative thoughts.
  • Read lots of different stories for example of people getting married and look at the pictures of their themes. This can really ignite your imagination.
  • Go out in nature. She is one big muse.
  • Visit shops that sell all of your items you need for your wedding day or other special occasion etc. With all of those vibrant colors, beautiful designs, and  interesting contrasts you will soon emerge full of ideas.

What is your muse?

4 Tips To Go Forward In Life

In this blog I’m going to share with you my amazing weekend at the laughter festival in Lincolnshire. Three days of laughter, playfulness, fun and learning which has helped me find myself and really go forward in many aspects of my life.  I’m also going to share some tips to help you move out of your comfort zone so you can expand your consciousness and go fourth and happily create the life of your dreams.

I’m always asked where I get my inspiration from for my jewellery and I normally reply – the flowers, countryside and some times the internet. This year has been about pushing myself out of my comfort zone and trying new experiences one of them being camping. I have done it as child and more recently last year camping by the beach and mountains in Wales . There is something wonderful about waking up with views of mountains and the beach that fuels our creative spirit and reconnects you to your own energy supply. This time there was no beach or hills in sight just miles of flat countryside that was a welcome sight when I unzipped my tent.

But most importantly I was getting to do it with my best friend. A friend who had never camped in her life and loves all of her luxuries. I knew it was going to be either a case of ‘I’m never doing it again’ or ‘I love it when are we going again?’ I was hoping it would be the latter. Bare in mind I’m no camping expert either. I used to go as a child and once as an adult but I brought my inner child out and decided to go out to play. And that meant trying something different.

I was booked all ready to go with the intention of going on my own however my friend Jas suddenly decided to come with me. The more the merrier as they say. It was an early start. The taxi arrived at 5.15 am and with only an hours sleep between both of us we were still brimming with excitement. Even the hour wait for the train didn’t dull our enthusiasm.


Chirk station in Wales


Jas & myself at the train station bright and early at 5.45

We were heading to Lincolnshire and it was our first time there. The journey was smooth. It was perfect in every way. Once we got off one train we got straight onto another one.  The miles of lush countryside and lakes through our windows  kept me awake and alert and the hours seemed to fly by.   I think our enthusiasm to go on this lovely adventure kept the energy nice and positive so the journey was nice and smooth.

Five hours later we finally arrived in Market Rason. It was our first visit and we were greeted by cloudy skies and a down pour. However the energy from the rain seem to add to our excitement. We were just so grateful to be going on this amazing spiritual journey that the weather didn’t affect our smiles and we almost skipped in the taxi like a pair of children. We still had our playfulness head on.


The camp site was about 18 minutes from the station in the heart of rural Lincolnshire. It was a beautiful drive through miles of picturesque countryside and the chirpy taxi driver added to the experience. It was very different to where I live as it was very flat but equally as beautiful.

By the time we arrived the wind and rain had gone off and there was a glimmer of sunshine peeping through the clouds. It certainly made it easier to put up my new tent. A red pop up which was much easier to put up than take down may I add.


We arrived at the laughter conference and listened to the speakers. Each one added value to my life and facilitated my thought processes so there was plenty of aha moments. One of my favorite speakers was a Scottish lady- a scientist by the name of Christine Mcgrory – an entrepreneur with the most beautiful laugh ever.  I was handed a million pound note with the logo – happiness millionaire. In fact I received three million which made me smile as I was thinking I’d love another two so I can give them to my daughter and her partner. Her talk on how to align so you can manifest the life you want was illuminating and it was delivered in a fun way without all of the jargon that can often have people scratching their heads.

Afterwards we headed to the free vegan buffet which had been created with lots of love. There was an array of beautiful colours on my plate, sensational flavors and textures that had me returning for seconds. I am a vegetarian just about to make the transformation to a vegan so I knew a way was being made for me. And I must say it was filling, delicious and I had heaps of energy afterwards considering I was running on virtually no sleep.


A delicious vegan buffet

Some of the gorgeous views from my table as I ate lunch out in the open

Next was to explore all the free workshops provided by wonderful people all with their own life changing businesses.  There was wide choice of classes from music, modelling with polymer clays, laughter classes, yoga, meditation, dance and singing bowls and drums. Some were provided at an extra fee and included Indian head massage, bars, soul readings etc. There was something for everyone. I knew there was too many to go to whilst I was there and I didn’t want to cram too much in but I intended to try as many as possible. It was an excuse to come back next year and do the ones I didn’t do – not that I needed an excuse.

The first class I attended was called dance from the heart – a free style dance class where we laughed smiled, played and connected with others in the group. The energy was huge and I left feeling exhilarated. One of the exercises we did was to pass the love energy from our hearts to others whilst staring in the other persons eyes. This was a real confidence boost. Holding another persons’ gaze whilst cupping the energy in our hands which were held close to our hearts before exchanging it to another felt a little uncomfortable to start with. However that feeling soon passed and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Other funny playful games we did was dancing and then the teacher would name a body part such as elbow or nose and we would have to stop dancing and run to the nearest group and touch elbows etc and that had us all chuckling. It felt amazing to laugh so much and really gave me an energy boost.

Later I attended a beautiful singing bowl class. You could either lay on the floor or sit on the sofas. I chose to sit on the sofa. The idea is that our bodies are like finely tuned instruments. If in harmony life works smoothly for us but if out of tune then we become out of balance. The sounds of the singing bowls resonate with our cells and put the body back into alignment or in tune again as it is sometime referred to. I walked out of that class feeling transformed, relaxed but also very energized and ready to play some more.


Singing bowls to bring body back into tune

Other classes I attended was the singing class and the music class both equally as wonderful. There was something magical about sitting in a woods with 50 other people playing wooden drums and various other musical instruments. I’m not a musician but it’s surprising what one can do when you really start to listen to the beat and let yourself go with the music. What resulted was a very beautiful sound from all of us, a fantastic work out for my arms and heaps of smiles as we sat like children drumming to our hearts content.

In addition to this I had a bar session. No, no drinks here. This was a treatment that involved laying in a reclining seat whilst a healer laid her hands on various parts of my head with no pressure  which helps remove any blockages so  that the energy can move freely around the body creating flow again. My friend felt tingles in her feet and I could feel beautiful warmth in my head. The healer was very accurate and said I had no major things going on in my life but just that I doubted myself sometimes which is true. But I’m working on that.

Next I had a beautiful soul reading that was very illuminating. According to Nirena she told me I had been a crystal keeper in another life time. That explained my passion for quartz crystals and after this life time I would return to that dimension and become a crystal. This information she informed me was gained from the Akashic records. A library where information is contained in books about our past, present and future lives. She said that I was here to remember who I am and now I have I will return to that dimension in my next life. I am known as a last life timer which means it’s my last time on this learning plane – earth.


I am a very open and receptive person and it gave me food for thought. However I’m not too sure how I felt about that.  I also felt strangely emotional after that experience. But surrounded by an entire camp site of laughing, playing people I was soon giggling again. It’s hard not too when you walk into the toilets or even every room there and you can hear people laughing. It is very infectious.



Everyone had wrote a message on the tags and tied them to the trees


Of an evening there was entertainment in the forms of singers and bands and we all danced the night away. I loved that the person I was dancing with held his hands to his heart and passed the energy onto me with his hands and I did the same to him. We then started to share the energy in our hands with others on the dance floor and so we created a ripple effect which was beautiful to behold.  It was lovely to see we were practicing what we had been taught in the class. It’s not about just attending something like this and forgetting it as soon as you get home. It’s about using what you have been taught in your own life and that’s something I’m determined to do.



My friend & heading out to the evening entertainment.


Me in the faerie village there

The last day was quite emotional as I’d made lovely connections so it was hugs and exchanging our insights and what we had learned. The winds had picked up so my pop up tent had taken flight and had turned into a kite. I had to use all of my strength to stop myself being either pulled in the air or dragged across the field.  A lovely man ran down the field to help me and I was reminded how much goodness there is in this world as I’d lived with it for three whole days. There had been so many thoughtful generous loving people there. From a new Italian friend Eva Provedel who helped to run and coordinate the festival and who gave me some sleeping attire and another friend the owner of laughter festival Wes Floyd providing me with a sleeping bed as I’d forgotten my own and for organizing this little gem of happiness.   Not to forget all of the  wonderful teachers who gave up their time to help me move forwards in my own life.

After attending the closing ceremony I made my way to my new friends sculpture. A very talented artist by the name of Peter Boyd who had the pleasure of meeting. He had been working on the Buddha since his arrival and would return next year to finish it.


Myself with Peter Boyd who sculptured this delightful Buddha!

And did my friend Jas enjoy it? Yes she did. I think, like myself she learned a lot more about herself too.  One of the biggest things I learned was to shut up and listen, laugh more, smile more and pay it forward more.   And we are already planning some more adventures so watch this space.

Pushing ourselves out of our comfort zones into a new zone expands consciousness. It gives us different perspectives and can open up an entirely new route i.e careers, new friends, adventures but also gives you those aha moments that sees you coming unstuck so you can go forward and achieve your highest potential.

Heres 4 tips to help you do that:

  • Make small changes to your routine:  It could be reading a different book, trying a different food, even walking a different route. Changing routine is the biggest way to change our life.
  • Learn from others: read about others who are making changes, going on adventures, getting rid of habits that no longer serve them, or people who are living the life and life style you want. Read their blog, join forums. Hang out with these people online.
  • Positive language Use affirmations to help you go forward. Here are some to help you. I am in the process of positive changes. I go forward with ease and with joy. I live in a loving rich playful and kind universe that provides me with everything I need. I can do this! I am doing this. I am worthy. All is well in my world.  Others are doing it so I can too!
  • An attitude of gratitude Keep a gratitude diary so you can monitor your progress. As each task, step or experience comes true for you it will build a more positive belief that your moving forward, your getting there and you can do it.

And you will!

Much love


The Earth Faeries












5 tips To Gain Inspiration For Your Wedding Theme Or Creative Projects

In today’s blog I’m going to show you some tips for gaining inspiration. Feeling inspired is not just necessary for creating inventory but also for designing your wedding themes or building your business to name but a few.  In fact everything that you can see around you from the chairs you sit on, to the house you live in, the food you cook, the forms of transport you choose and the architecture you admire started off from someone being inspired.

People often ask me where I get my inspiration from and I often reply nature but there are so many different places and things that you can spark your imagination from. So I decided to do something different and go out with a friend to UK’s largest craft and haberdashery in North Wales called Abakhan. Crafters, dress makers, brides sit up and take notice as this is like an Aladdin’s cave that is well worth a visit.

My friend is a crafter so she was like a child in a doll shop, mesmerized with the different colours and different types of textures. I must admit I was impressed and we both loved being surrounded by such a vast array of gorgeous colours.  If you are a tactile person then you will love this place.




Whilst my friend was looking at the materials I gravitated towards the end of the shop where I spotted beautiful tiaras, head dresses and even a bridal gown. You can guess who was trying them on can’t you.

A sparkly tiara that would make any bride feel like a princess



Beautiful hats for special occasions.


A good selection of veils

Next was the home interior section that offered a made to measure service. My friend went straight in but I was finding inspiration everywhere. Even from the doors so I stopped outside to take a picture.  I was imagining it much smaller and on one of my trees in my garden. And faerie doors are going to be some of my future project’s so I was paying attention to detail.


The grand entrance to the home interior section

Inside was a welcoming sight with beautiful furniture, fixture and fittings. The colours blended seamlessly together and I admired the person who had put in so many hours of creative thought into making it so appealing.


Inside there was a room full of sewing machines, all modern apart from the old singer in the corner of the room. A beautiful dress adorned in butterflies stood proudly in the other corner. I wondered how long it took the creator to make something like this.


A beautiful work of art – a dress adorned in butterflies.


And in between visiting all of the craft shops that were all several feet apart from each other I was being inspired by the water features and even the plaque that told of the history of the place.




It also has a beautiful section for craft lovers too with ink pads, embossing tools, paper, polymer clays, jewellery findings and everything you need to get lost in hours of creative fun. This section was housed in a beautiful log cabin surrounded by trees making it look very picturesque and inviting. Needless to say this was the section I spent most of the time time in.

It also has a restaurant there with a good selection of vegetarian meals and a beautiful gift shop next door.  After an abundance of food – food portions were very generous – we continued on our shopping day out for a couple more hours.

I left there feeling truly inspired and with a huge smile on my face and so did my friend with her huge bags of materials. It’s a place I will be definitely returning again soon to.

I thought that I would give you some tips on how to find your inspiration:

  1. Do something different. If you normally look on the internet for pictures look in another place i.e the countryside, a craft stall or shop.
  2. Carry a camera with you. I only use my Samsung camera phone and I take pictures everywhere I go to save having to rely on memory.
  3. Take a walk in nature. All of the fresh air delivers more oxygen to the brain cells meaning more thinking power and thus more ideas.
  4. Try to be more tactile and feel your environment, objects etc. Feeling them helps to create vivid images in mind and create strong associations which will help you recall memories easier and spark ideas.
  5. See through the eyes of a child. Go out with your fun head on as I call it.
  6. Ask yourself questions when you see things that inspire you. For example what can I make from this. What color would contrast well with it? What can I do differently? How can I make it better? These type of questions facilitate your thought processes and before you know it you’ll have an idea for a great project or theme.

I’m always interested in learning how my readers find their inspiration so please let me know in the comments box where you get yours.

Lots of love


(The Earth Faeries)



10 tips to re-branding

Change & Transformation

In today’s blog I am going to give you a look  behind the scenes of how I am re-branding my business plus give you 10 useful tips to help you do the same with your own business. Plus I’m going to be sharing a new product release.

I’m almost ready to celebrate the anniversary of The Earth Faeries jewellery business. In June it will be a whole year since I set up my little baby. Time certainly flies when you are having fun.

In the past year I have made my products and packaging greener. My business cards are 100% recylced paper from sustainable forests.


No bubble wrap here. I’m using shredded and upcycled cardboard to protect products in transit and which you can use to package your own goods.


I have stopped using fimo modelling clay due to it being a type of plastic and have converted to cold porcelain. The brand I use is 70% natural ingredients and gives a more porcelain like finish. It is also not tested on animals and has no animal ingredients in so is vegan. It’s fairly strong so wont break if dropped it but still needs to be treated with tender loving care.

No plastic bags here. I have invested in jute bags which is made from the jute plant and one of the most eco friendly materials available. You can use these to store things in or use to put your own gifts in for others.


I sourced out eco friendly bio degradable and compostable glitters in a range of lovely colours so you can still have glitzy without compromising the planet. Each year … plastic ends up in our land fills and works its way into the sea having a major effect on our wild life. I decided that I didn’t want to be a part of the problem but wanted to be a part of the solution. You also get two products in one. They are cosmetic grade so you can utilize the glitter found in the faerie jars that are keepsakes or used as ornaments and can also add them to your eye shadows or nail varnishes to glitter like a faerie. I also offer gold glitter which is not featured here.

purple glitterpink glittersilver glitter

My new logo which I just recently designed is staying as I feel she will still represent my new brand.


Big Positive Changes coming

One the biggest changes I have recently made and I mean very recently – last night in fact was to seise using real authentic pearls in my wedding jewellery. The change was brought about by a friend showing me how they collect the pearls and what they do to the mollusks to retrieve them. Being a vegetarian it didn’t fit in with my ethics or my brand. I understand there will always be people who love and wear authentic pearls and I appreciate that. However I have decided to go vegan friendly and make faux pearls i.e glass pearl jewellery for brides looking for an eco friendly alternative without compromising on the quality or look of the items. I am going to be using faux pearls that are made of glass.   They are high luster, sweat proof so you don’t have to clean them like authentic pearls and are more durable so they last longer. Plus they come in an even greater selection of colours.

The events that have transpired over the past day has really made me rethink my branding so my products appeal to the audience I want to reach.  There was a lot of effort that went into getting the pictures and videos of my pearl jewellery on my part and on the part of the people who collaborated with me to do the wedding shoots. And I am very grateful for all of their help! For now I will keep some of the pictures featured in my wedding jewellery shop until I can get some new ones featuring the faux pearls. The designs are still the same and the items will still look the same but they will be faux pearls which are great for vegans.

How my re-branding is affecting me?

Re-branding is serious business but when your brand no longer reflects the message you want it to its time to consider having a re-brand.  When making changes to our branding it obviously has a knock on effect in other areas too. One of them being my earth faeries characters which are featured in my faerie stories on my website. Pearl luster who also has a pet pearl called Loomie and which I’m currently having drawn up at the moment by an artist. I’m deep in thought at the moment as to how to get round this and as soon as I know you will be the first to know as I’ll write a blog on it. But it is better to get it right at this stage rather than another year down the line.  If anyone has any ideas on how I could resolve this I would really appreciate it.

My New Product Announcement

When I first started my business I was making little customized faerie charms that I made into necklaces. Each one was hand painted and made of fimo polymer clay which I am no longer using as it is technically a plastic and has animal by products in which I was unaware of.  I have been on the search for a more eco friendly product so I can start making them again.  Enter cold porcelain. After ordering a batch which crumbled and cracked I was dubious. But I had read great reviews from other professional artists that were using it with great success. Obviously I hadn’t found the right brand but I kept looking. And finally I found a fantastic brand that does what it says on the box. It’s mostly made of flour and 70% of the ingredients is natural and it gives you a good quality product with a beautiful porcelain like finish and is not tested on animals. Whilst not 100% natural it is a step in the right direction.

Here is a look at the faerie charm made out of cold clay that I have made. She isn’t finished yet it has to be sanded, hand painted and a gem put in her hand. I will put the finished item up for you to see when I have finished her. She takes 24 hours to dry and about two hours to paint. I have to build the colour up in stages and wait for each coat to dry.


Now to start sanding her and painting her. She will put on a cord necklace with 925 silver claps. She will be available in my shop on here to buy.

6 Tips For Re-branding

So if you are thinking of re-branding your own business here some useful tips that are helping me at the moment:

  • Look at who your customers are and ask yourself do my items appeal to them.
  • Ask yourself does my brand fit in with my and my customers ethics? You have to be comfortable with what your selling and if it doesn’t feel right then ask yourself how can I make my products more sustainable & ethical. Some times you may have to have a whole new re-brand like me which means going back to basics. But it’s better to get it right than having a business where no-one is buying anything because your not providing items that your audience are interested in. Or you are making money from it but your not happy with the effect your products are having on the environment. I identify with the latter.
  • Give serious thought as to why your re-branding. It is a lot more than just getting your logo redesigned so strategies and strong vision are needed.
  • Think about hiring an expert or read as many articles that have created by branding experts.
  • Develop a strategy for announcing it to the world and explain how its going to positively effect their experience with your business. I have tried to do this in this article by showing you the benefits you will receive from choosing my products.
“With so much weight on the actual rebrand, it’s easy to forget about the strategy for announcing it to the world. When developing the strategy, it’s crucial to remember people don’t care about names or logos — they care about how the re-brand is going to positively change their experience with your company. At the same time, most people fight change. Make sure you’re not leaving behind the things people love about your company. You must articulate why this is better — explain they’ll still get the parts they already love plus new, exciting benefits.” – Shannon Fitzgerald, brand strategist
So with that quote in mind you will still get the parts you love such as custom made products, great service and good quality products plus a greater range of colours to choose from. But the items you’ll use in your home or wear will be making the planet & animals smile too.
Do you have any re-branding tips that have worked for you? Please share as I would love to hear.