4 Tips To Go Forward In Life

In this blog I’m going to share with you my amazing weekend at the laughter festival in Lincolnshire. Three days of laughter, playfulness, fun and learning which has helped me find myself and really go forward in many aspects of my life.  I’m also going to share some tips to help you move out of your comfort zone so you can expand your consciousness and go fourth and happily create the life of your dreams.

I’m always asked where I get my inspiration from for my jewellery and I normally reply – the flowers, countryside and some times the internet. This year has been about pushing myself out of my comfort zone and trying new experiences one of them being camping. I have done it as child and more recently last year camping by the beach and mountains in Wales . There is something wonderful about waking up with views of mountains and the beach that fuels our creative spirit and reconnects you to your own energy supply. This time there was no beach or hills in sight just miles of flat countryside that was a welcome sight when I unzipped my tent.

But most importantly I was getting to do it with my best friend. A friend who had never camped in her life and loves all of her luxuries. I knew it was going to be either a case of ‘I’m never doing it again’ or ‘I love it when are we going again?’ I was hoping it would be the latter. Bare in mind I’m no camping expert either. I used to go as a child and once as an adult but I brought my inner child out and decided to go out to play. And that meant trying something different.

I was booked all ready to go with the intention of going on my own however my friend Jas suddenly decided to come with me. The more the merrier as they say. It was an early start. The taxi arrived at 5.15 am and with only an hours sleep between both of us we were still brimming with excitement. Even the hour wait for the train didn’t dull our enthusiasm.


Chirk station in Wales


Jas & myself at the train station bright and early at 5.45

We were heading to Lincolnshire and it was our first time there. The journey was smooth. It was perfect in every way. Once we got off one train we got straight onto another one.  The miles of lush countryside and lakes through our windows  kept me awake and alert and the hours seemed to fly by.   I think our enthusiasm to go on this lovely adventure kept the energy nice and positive so the journey was nice and smooth.

Five hours later we finally arrived in Market Rason. It was our first visit and we were greeted by cloudy skies and a down pour. However the energy from the rain seem to add to our excitement. We were just so grateful to be going on this amazing spiritual journey that the weather didn’t affect our smiles and we almost skipped in the taxi like a pair of children. We still had our playfulness head on.


The camp site was about 18 minutes from the station in the heart of rural Lincolnshire. It was a beautiful drive through miles of picturesque countryside and the chirpy taxi driver added to the experience. It was very different to where I live as it was very flat but equally as beautiful.

By the time we arrived the wind and rain had gone off and there was a glimmer of sunshine peeping through the clouds. It certainly made it easier to put up my new tent. A red pop up which was much easier to put up than take down may I add.


We arrived at the laughter conference and listened to the speakers. Each one added value to my life and facilitated my thought processes so there was plenty of aha moments. One of my favorite speakers was a Scottish lady- a scientist by the name of Christine Mcgrory – an entrepreneur with the most beautiful laugh ever.  I was handed a million pound note with the logo – happiness millionaire. In fact I received three million which made me smile as I was thinking I’d love another two so I can give them to my daughter and her partner. Her talk on how to align so you can manifest the life you want was illuminating and it was delivered in a fun way without all of the jargon that can often have people scratching their heads.

Afterwards we headed to the free vegan buffet which had been created with lots of love. There was an array of beautiful colours on my plate, sensational flavors and textures that had me returning for seconds. I am a vegetarian just about to make the transformation to a vegan so I knew a way was being made for me. And I must say it was filling, delicious and I had heaps of energy afterwards considering I was running on virtually no sleep.


A delicious vegan buffet

Some of the gorgeous views from my table as I ate lunch out in the open

Next was to explore all the free workshops provided by wonderful people all with their own life changing businesses.  There was wide choice of classes from music, modelling with polymer clays, laughter classes, yoga, meditation, dance and singing bowls and drums. Some were provided at an extra fee and included Indian head massage, bars, soul readings etc. There was something for everyone. I knew there was too many to go to whilst I was there and I didn’t want to cram too much in but I intended to try as many as possible. It was an excuse to come back next year and do the ones I didn’t do – not that I needed an excuse.

The first class I attended was called dance from the heart – a free style dance class where we laughed smiled, played and connected with others in the group. The energy was huge and I left feeling exhilarated. One of the exercises we did was to pass the love energy from our hearts to others whilst staring in the other persons eyes. This was a real confidence boost. Holding another persons’ gaze whilst cupping the energy in our hands which were held close to our hearts before exchanging it to another felt a little uncomfortable to start with. However that feeling soon passed and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Other funny playful games we did was dancing and then the teacher would name a body part such as elbow or nose and we would have to stop dancing and run to the nearest group and touch elbows etc and that had us all chuckling. It felt amazing to laugh so much and really gave me an energy boost.

Later I attended a beautiful singing bowl class. You could either lay on the floor or sit on the sofas. I chose to sit on the sofa. The idea is that our bodies are like finely tuned instruments. If in harmony life works smoothly for us but if out of tune then we become out of balance. The sounds of the singing bowls resonate with our cells and put the body back into alignment or in tune again as it is sometime referred to. I walked out of that class feeling transformed, relaxed but also very energized and ready to play some more.


Singing bowls to bring body back into tune

Other classes I attended was the singing class and the music class both equally as wonderful. There was something magical about sitting in a woods with 50 other people playing wooden drums and various other musical instruments. I’m not a musician but it’s surprising what one can do when you really start to listen to the beat and let yourself go with the music. What resulted was a very beautiful sound from all of us, a fantastic work out for my arms and heaps of smiles as we sat like children drumming to our hearts content.

In addition to this I had a bar session. No, no drinks here. This was a treatment that involved laying in a reclining seat whilst a healer laid her hands on various parts of my head with no pressure  which helps remove any blockages so  that the energy can move freely around the body creating flow again. My friend felt tingles in her feet and I could feel beautiful warmth in my head. The healer was very accurate and said I had no major things going on in my life but just that I doubted myself sometimes which is true. But I’m working on that.

Next I had a beautiful soul reading that was very illuminating. According to Nirena she told me I had been a crystal keeper in another life time. That explained my passion for quartz crystals and after this life time I would return to that dimension and become a crystal. This information she informed me was gained from the Akashic records. A library where information is contained in books about our past, present and future lives. She said that I was here to remember who I am and now I have I will return to that dimension in my next life. I am known as a last life timer which means it’s my last time on this learning plane – earth.


I am a very open and receptive person and it gave me food for thought. However I’m not too sure how I felt about that.  I also felt strangely emotional after that experience. But surrounded by an entire camp site of laughing, playing people I was soon giggling again. It’s hard not too when you walk into the toilets or even every room there and you can hear people laughing. It is very infectious.



Everyone had wrote a message on the tags and tied them to the trees


Of an evening there was entertainment in the forms of singers and bands and we all danced the night away. I loved that the person I was dancing with held his hands to his heart and passed the energy onto me with his hands and I did the same to him. We then started to share the energy in our hands with others on the dance floor and so we created a ripple effect which was beautiful to behold.  It was lovely to see we were practicing what we had been taught in the class. It’s not about just attending something like this and forgetting it as soon as you get home. It’s about using what you have been taught in your own life and that’s something I’m determined to do.



My friend & heading out to the evening entertainment.


Me in the faerie village there

The last day was quite emotional as I’d made lovely connections so it was hugs and exchanging our insights and what we had learned. The winds had picked up so my pop up tent had taken flight and had turned into a kite. I had to use all of my strength to stop myself being either pulled in the air or dragged across the field.  A lovely man ran down the field to help me and I was reminded how much goodness there is in this world as I’d lived with it for three whole days. There had been so many thoughtful generous loving people there. From a new Italian friend Eva Provedel who helped to run and coordinate the festival and who gave me some sleeping attire and another friend the owner of laughter festival Wes Floyd providing me with a sleeping bed as I’d forgotten my own and for organizing this little gem of happiness.   Not to forget all of the  wonderful teachers who gave up their time to help me move forwards in my own life.

After attending the closing ceremony I made my way to my new friends sculpture. A very talented artist by the name of Peter Boyd who had the pleasure of meeting. He had been working on the Buddha since his arrival and would return next year to finish it.


Myself with Peter Boyd who sculptured this delightful Buddha!

And did my friend Jas enjoy it? Yes she did. I think, like myself she learned a lot more about herself too.  One of the biggest things I learned was to shut up and listen, laugh more, smile more and pay it forward more.   And we are already planning some more adventures so watch this space.

Pushing ourselves out of our comfort zones into a new zone expands consciousness. It gives us different perspectives and can open up an entirely new route i.e careers, new friends, adventures but also gives you those aha moments that sees you coming unstuck so you can go forward and achieve your highest potential.

Heres 4 tips to help you do that:

  • Make small changes to your routine:  It could be reading a different book, trying a different food, even walking a different route. Changing routine is the biggest way to change our life.
  • Learn from others: read about others who are making changes, going on adventures, getting rid of habits that no longer serve them, or people who are living the life and life style you want. Read their blog, join forums. Hang out with these people online.
  • Positive language Use affirmations to help you go forward. Here are some to help you. I am in the process of positive changes. I go forward with ease and with joy. I live in a loving rich playful and kind universe that provides me with everything I need. I can do this! I am doing this. I am worthy. All is well in my world.  Others are doing it so I can too!
  • An attitude of gratitude Keep a gratitude diary so you can monitor your progress. As each task, step or experience comes true for you it will build a more positive belief that your moving forward, your getting there and you can do it.

And you will!

Much love


The Earth Faeries












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