10 tips to re-branding

Change & Transformation

In today’s blog I am going to give you a look  behind the scenes of how I am re-branding my business plus give you 10 useful tips to help you do the same with your own business. Plus I’m going to be sharing a new product release.

I’m almost ready to celebrate the anniversary of The Earth Faeries jewellery business. In June it will be a whole year since I set up my little baby. Time certainly flies when you are having fun.

In the past year I have made my products and packaging greener. My business cards are 100% recylced paper from sustainable forests.

The Earth Faeries business cards
My new recycled business cards have just arrived!

No bubble wrap here. I’m using shredded and upcycled cardboard to protect products in transit and which you can use to package your own goods.


I have stopped using fimo modelling clay due to it being a type of plastic and have converted to cold porcelain. The brand I use is 70% natural ingredients and gives a more porcelain like finish. It is also not tested on animals and has no animal ingredients in so is vegan. It’s fairly strong so wont break if dropped it but still needs to be treated with tender loving care.

No plastic bags here. I have invested in jute bags which is made from the jute plant and one of the most eco friendly materials available. You can use these to store things in or use to put your own gifts in for others.


I sourced out eco friendly bio degradable and compostable glitters in a range of lovely colours so you can still have glitzy without compromising the planet. Each year … plastic ends up in our land fills and works its way into the sea having a major effect on our wild life. I decided that I didn’t want to be a part of the problem but wanted to be a part of the solution. You also get two products in one. They are cosmetic grade so you can utilize the glitter found in the faerie jars that are keepsakes or used as ornaments and can also add them to your eye shadows or nail varnishes to glitter like a faerie. I also offer gold glitter which is not featured here.

purple glitterpink glittersilver glitter

My new logo which I just recently designed is staying as I feel she will still represent my new brand.


Big Positive Changes coming

One the biggest changes I have recently made and I mean very recently – last night in fact was to seise using real authentic pearls in my wedding jewellery. The change was brought about by a friend showing me how they collect the pearls and what they do to the mollusks to retrieve them. Being a vegetarian it didn’t fit in with my ethics or my brand. I understand there will always be people who love and wear authentic pearls and I appreciate that. However I have decided to go vegan friendly and make faux pearls i.e glass pearl jewellery for brides looking for an eco friendly alternative without compromising on the quality or look of the items. I am going to be using faux pearls that are made of glass.   They are high luster, sweat proof so you don’t have to clean them like authentic pearls and are more durable so they last longer. Plus they come in an even greater selection of colours.

The events that have transpired over the past day has really made me rethink my branding so my products appeal to the audience I want to reach.  There was a lot of effort that went into getting the pictures and videos of my pearl jewellery on my part and on the part of the people who collaborated with me to do the wedding shoots. And I am very grateful for all of their help! For now I will keep some of the pictures featured in my wedding jewellery shop until I can get some new ones featuring the faux pearls. The designs are still the same and the items will still look the same but they will be faux pearls which are great for vegans.

How my re-branding is affecting me?

Re-branding is serious business but when your brand no longer reflects the message you want it to its time to consider having a re-brand.  When making changes to our branding it obviously has a knock on effect in other areas too. One of them being my earth faeries characters which are featured in my faerie stories on my website. Pearl luster who also has a pet pearl called Loomie and which I’m currently having drawn up at the moment by an artist. I’m deep in thought at the moment as to how to get round this and as soon as I know you will be the first to know as I’ll write a blog on it. But it is better to get it right at this stage rather than another year down the line.  If anyone has any ideas on how I could resolve this I would really appreciate it.

My New Product Announcement

When I first started my business I was making little customized faerie charms that I made into necklaces. Each one was hand painted and made of fimo polymer clay which I am no longer using as it is technically a plastic and has animal by products in which I was unaware of.  I have been on the search for a more eco friendly product so I can start making them again.  Enter cold porcelain. After ordering a batch which crumbled and cracked I was dubious. But I had read great reviews from other professional artists that were using it with great success. Obviously I hadn’t found the right brand but I kept looking. And finally I found a fantastic brand that does what it says on the box. It’s mostly made of flour and 70% of the ingredients is natural and it gives you a good quality product with a beautiful porcelain like finish and is not tested on animals. Whilst not 100% natural it is a step in the right direction.

Here is a look at the faerie charm made out of cold clay that I have made. She isn’t finished yet it has to be sanded, hand painted and a gem put in her hand. I will put the finished item up for you to see when I have finished her. She takes 24 hours to dry and about two hours to paint. I have to build the colour up in stages and wait for each coat to dry.


Now to start sanding her and painting her. She will put on a cord necklace with 925 silver claps. She will be available in my shop on here to buy.

6 Tips For Re-branding

So if you are thinking of re-branding your own business here some useful tips that are helping me at the moment:

  • Look at who your customers are and ask yourself do my items appeal to them.
  • Ask yourself does my brand fit in with my and my customers ethics? You have to be comfortable with what your selling and if it doesn’t feel right then ask yourself how can I make my products more sustainable & ethical. Some times you may have to have a whole new re-brand like me which means going back to basics. But it’s better to get it right than having a business where no-one is buying anything because your not providing items that your audience are interested in. Or you are making money from it but your not happy with the effect your products are having on the environment. I identify with the latter.
  • Give serious thought as to why your re-branding. It is a lot more than just getting your logo redesigned so strategies and strong vision are needed.
  • Think about hiring an expert or read as many articles that have created by branding experts.
  • Develop a strategy for announcing it to the world and explain how its going to positively effect their experience with your business. I have tried to do this in this article by showing you the benefits you will receive from choosing my products.
“With so much weight on the actual rebrand, it’s easy to forget about the strategy for announcing it to the world. When developing the strategy, it’s crucial to remember people don’t care about names or logos — they care about how the re-brand is going to positively change their experience with your company. At the same time, most people fight change. Make sure you’re not leaving behind the things people love about your company. You must articulate why this is better — explain they’ll still get the parts they already love plus new, exciting benefits.” – Shannon Fitzgerald, brand strategist
So with that quote in mind you will still get the parts you love such as custom made products, great service and good quality products plus a greater range of colours to choose from. But the items you’ll use in your home or wear will be making the planet & animals smile too.
Do you have any re-branding tips that have worked for you? Please share as I would love to hear.



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