5 Tips To Gain Energy & Momentum To Achieve Your Goals.

In this blog I thought I’d give you an inside look at my new product line and how I’m getting the balance between business and life. I’m also going to give you some tips that have worked for me to energize me so I have the motivation and momentum to achieve all of my other goals.

Sunny Wales!

The sun is shining here in Wales and I’ve been in my garden taking some pictures of some hand crafted rose hair slides that I have made. Each petal is hand crafted to form the rose and I have had many happy hours making them. They are a new product line. I’m not a professional photographer but its a skill I have had to learn and am learning which I’m enjoying thoroughly. Getting the lighting right can be quite tricky as my garden is mostly full of sunshine but I was up early today and found a lovely shaded spot that didn’t reflect any shadows.

My new product line. Hand made sculptured roses on hair slides.


Classic white hand made rose hair slide

Finding That Business/Life Balance

It’s easy as a business owner to focus on just one part of my life which is my business and forget about other parts. But this year has been all about getting more of that biz life balance which is crucial for a happy life. I have been making more time for things that are important to me for example spending more time with loved ones , my friends, and walking in the countryside with our dog.


Our dog just being!

I’ve also been learning how to be. As the Italians would say ‘l’arte di non fare nulle.’ which translates into the art of doing nothing.

Here is me just being or as some would say doing nothing.


It is moments like this just sat on my swing in my garden with the stunning views of the rockery, roses and panoramic views of countryside that I reconnect to my own inner power source and gain powerful insights to move me forward. It also helps me feel more creative and energizes me.

One of the things I have noticed since starting my business is that apart from writing my blog I haven’t been writing any poetry which is my other passion. My excuse is I have no time or no energy. So I made a conscious decision to make more time and make more energy! And that was done through going out in my garden.

As I sat in my garden today just admiring the new rose buds on the bushes, the poppies and the lilacs in full bloom in all of their glory I had an urge to write my poetry. Nature certainly is great at inspiring me and she aligns me and gets me back in flow.

white rose


Yellow poppy



It really uplifted me to be sat next to the flowers, watching the bees collect their pollen and hear the sounds of the cows and sheep in neighboring fields. I finally created a poem that I feel captures the beauty of my favorite flower..the rose. I thought that I would share it with you to brighten your day too or if your day is already bright to make it brighter.

white rose

White rose

The gift

Beautiful beautiful roses
In abundance everywhere
So delicate & strong
They are indeed lovely to share

Satin soft petals perfectly formed
Jagged strong green leaves
Such delightful fragrances
It’s magic it weaves

It engages our senses
It’s such a beautiful sight
A gift from the universe
That’s sure to delight.

By Melanie J Molloy

My poetry is important to me so its surprising to see that this is the first poem that I’ve created in the last six months. Finding the time for things that are important to me is crucial not only for a more successful life but also a happier and more fulfilling one. If we focus on just one aspect which sometimes I do and it’s normally my business then I find it impacts on other areas. Too many hours on your business affects well being and relationships. Alternatively if I spend too many hours on relationships and not enough on my business then it would effect my income an so on.  It really is about getting the balance. And I’ve discovered it’s a continuous process. But to get that balance we have to replenish and fill our own cup up to the brim otherwise it’s a catch 22. I much prefer to go forward rather than in circles.

If you are a bride to be who needs your energy to organize your wedding or you are a business owner striving for the energy to get that biz life balance then here are 4 tips to help you do this that have worked for me:

  • Keep a diary of days of events for the week – from getting up to going to bed. Note everything you do even down to the TV programs you watch. Omit three unnecessary things your doing (it could be TV programs) and either replace with actions to achieve important goals or replace with time just doing nothing. The latter will give you the energy and momentum to get you started on your goals.
  • Go out in nature and find your favorite flower or one that attracts you and just focus on it for a couple of moments. Observe its beauty, its colour, it’s fragrance and maybe even gently touch it so you can feel its texture. Engaging all of your senses to experience nature is exhilarating and raises energy levels immediately. Breath deeply, close your eyes and then open them again continuing to be mindful (observant)  on the flower whilst breathing deeply. You will find that there is a mutual transference of energy between you and the plant. You will find yourself energized, connected and feeling more creative. It is such a wonderful way to feel.
  • Sit in a beautiful place for at least ten minutes. It could be in the countryside or in your garden but make sure it’s somewhere quiet. Just sit there or lay down and practice the art of doing nothing. Your focus should be totally on your breathing. You’ll feel that beautiful brain muscle breath a sigh of relief as it gets a much needed rest. You’ll be surprised how much clarity you will have after doing this.
  • Recite these words as many times as you can every day ‘I always have extra time, extra freedom and motivation for my goals, for the people and other things that are important to me.’  Your brain is listening to every word you say and your body responds accordingly to the messages you give it. This is what is meant by that mind body connection. Saying this on consistent basis every day will deliver amazing results.
  • Stick the above mantra on sticky notes and put it on your bathroom mirror and on your computer. In fact any where and everywhere you are most likely to spend a lot of time in so it imprints on your subconscious. This will help you manifest your ideal reality.

It’s still a beautiful sunny day today. It’s time to take a rest from my computer and go out in the garden. I’m off to practice the art of ‘doing nothing’. Have a magical Tuesday 🙂

What tips do you have to replenish and motivate yourself?



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