10 Interesting Facts About Roses

In today’s blog I am going to show you where I get my inspiration from and also share ten facts about about my favorite flower that often creeps into my jewellery. I am also going to tell you where my obsession with them came from.

For those who know me you’ll know I’m obsessed with roses which often reflects in the type of jewellery I make. It started when I was about 10 and my nana bought me a rose for my garden which was named after me and called Melanie. It was a yellow rose with the edges all flecked with red. The fact someone had bought me a rose and it was named after me made 10 year old me feel really special. And I think that was were the bond was formed and hence why they have always been my favorite flower.

The Earth Faeries garden
This is one of my favorite coloured roses in my garden

This picture was taken of the roses in my garden. Photograph by Chelsea Louise Haden Loving Life In Wellies Blog

I was in love with the smell, the silky texture and in awe of its beauty and how delicate it was yet strong at the same time. And so it started my love affair with them. And that rose is still in my mum’s garden today flourishing and thriving and looking as beautiful as ever. It obviously knows the secret to eternal youth!

My mum has always had a garden full of them and I remember making perfume out of the leaves when I was a teenager. Over the years I have met others who have magnificent rose gardens and have made rose jam out of the petals which I have yet to try. Rose petals are very versatile and last year I made a rose face tonic from my own petals that worked wonders for my skin and made me smell beautiful as well.

In my early twenties my passion for them led me to learn how to start crafting roses out of polymer clays. I used to have a hand full of them around the house as ornaments. And now more than twenty years later I have decided to start making them again. What started as a hobby and putting them up on face book to show my friends what I’d made and the interest in them has led to me to add them to my shop. I normally make roses out of silicone moulds but since taking up the craft of sculpturing them again I’ve put my silicone moulds away and am now enjoying crafting each individual petal. Here are some I have made:


Classic white hand made rose hair slide



I often get asked where I get my inspiration from and its often the garden, garden magazines or even the statuses that my face book friends post. I’ll study a rose and think to myself ‘I’d love to recreate you’ and off I go to my workshop. But it’s not just roses I love it’s all flowers and have been studying blue bells wondering if I could turn my hand at them too. That will be a future project.

Although I have always appreciated roses for their beauty I have to admit I have never known a lot about them. It is only since I got my house last year which has a huge garden that’s got quite its ample share of roses in it that I started to get really interested in how to look after them and find out more about them. I’d like to share with you some of the tips to looking after them that I have learned over the past year and some interesting facts about them.

Ten Interesting facts About Roses

  • Roses are woody perennials
  • They came from china
  • They thrive in sunny well drained soil
  • Plant them between November and February. If growing them in a pot you can plant them any time
  • It is estimated there is 100-150 species
  • Roses come from the Rosaceae family and bear the Latin name Rosa.
  • The prickles on stems are there to deter predators
  • The first hybrid rose was introduced in 1867 by Jean-Baptiste Guillot. All roses before that date are known as old garden roses. The roses that come after that date are called modern garden roses.
  • If you want your roses to grow big and strong pruning is necessary. You can do this mid February and mid March.
  • Many varieties are cultivated but there are still varieties that grow in the wild.

white rose

This is another picture of another rose in my garden. Photograph taken by Chelsea Louise Haden Loving Life In Wellies Blog

Where do you get your inspiration from and do you have any favorite flowers? Have any of you been inspired to make jewellery out them?






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