9 Interesting Facts About Jute

Here at the Earth Faeries in beautiful sunny Wales I am always working to make my products and packaging more eco friendly. I always say it is great wearing jewellery as it creates beautiful feelings and memories but we still have to have a planet to live on to be able to wear it. That’s why I’m always striving to use the most Eco friendly materials. I thought that I would use this blog to show you some of the new materials I have been working with and how they are good for the environment. Plus give you some interesting facts about Jute.

My New Packaging

I use acid free tissue paper, recycled and up cycled boxes and recycled business cards too.


More recently I have been looking at eco friendly bags too. I finally decided to go with Jute bags as they seemed the most eco friendly option.


Here are some interesting facts about Jute:

  • Jute is made from natural fibre from the outer stem of the jute plant
  • It has a wide range of applications and is used in cosmetics, paint and fabrics
  • Its entirely biodegradable
  • Jute fibre is recyclable
  • The bags are hard wearing and the large bags can replace carrier bags thus cutting down on plastic
  • It can be grown without pesticide and if grown with it it requires the minimum to flourish
  • Jute crops grow really quickly and reach adult hood in under six months which means it offers a greater crop yield. This means less land is used and therefore reduces the need to encroach upon wilderness and natural habitats
  • It absorbs large amounts of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere keeping our air nice and fresh
  • The woody core of jute plant has the potential to meet the majority of wood needs thus helping towards reduction of deforestation

I use glitter in my little faerie jars which not many people realize is made of plastics which didn’t sit right with me as they say. I have been on the hunt for some biodegradable ones and glitters that are compostable and have finally found them. These gorgeous glitters are 100% biodegradable. The colours are limited but the company said they will be adding to them. They have them in gold, silver, violet and pink so I bought all of the colours. They are cosmetic grade so they can also be used as nail glitter and eye shadow too.

pink glitter  purple glitter silver glitter

I also sent off for some cold porcelain which is more eco friendly than the polymer clay I currently work with however I am not happy with the brand I bought. It tends to crack so the search is still on. I will keep you posted when I find it!

If anyone has ever worked with cold porcelain before and have a great brand that you are using then I’d be grateful if you could point me in the right direction.


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