14 Reasons To Buy Hand Made

I started making hand made items about twenty years ago for my friends but in the past year have turned my passion into a new venture. Apart from loving making things there are many other reasons why I make hand made and also buy others hand made stuff rather than buy mass produced. In this blog I’m going to look at the many benefits of  buying hand made goods.

  • You know you are supporting a small businesses live their dreams and be able to support themselves and their families from doing something they love.
  • Personal customer service. You create a direct relationship with the designer or artist and become part of their extended family.
  • Feel good factor. When someone makes something personally for you apart of them..their love..their essence goes into the item they make and that essence is passed onto you when you receive it. It is like a sprinkling of magic faerie dust that stays with you. You can feel that energy.
  • Great quality product. The love for what they do means they normally pay more attention to detail so you can assured of a great quality product.
  • Stand out from a crowd. Having something custom made means your not a slave to fashion. If the shops are full of a certain colour then you can guarantee you’ll get to be unique by having the colour or style you’d like to wear made up for you.
  • Helping others to flourish. 10% of all my profits go to charity so you know your purchase is helping a good cause.
  • Helping to abolish sweat shops. Hand made products are made by a real artisan and not by children in sweat shops nor adults who are paid pennies a day. You may pay a bit more for the hand made item but you know you are helping to abolish that trade, and support a small business with good ethics who are dedicated to sustainability and ethically sourced materials. You are also paying the artisan for their quality, experience and talent.
  • Hand made products help communities. Studies have shown that many business owners who make hand made products are more likely to spend their profits in local community based businesses in their area.
  • Hand made products can serve your needs better. Because your dealing with the artisan direct they may be open to tweaking the item of the product to specifically fit your needs.
  • Hand crafted products are unique. There are fewer of those products than the ones mass produced so you get to stand out and express your personality more.
  • Hand crafted products are good for the environment. They take less energy to make them than mass produced items made by machines and on a production line. They use less electricity, no machinery, less waste so it makes them more environmentally sustainable.
  • Smaller scale – higher quality. Hand makers take enormous pride in their work and you can be assured that if there is a defect in their work they will want to fix it for you.
  • It keeps the age old skills alive so we can pass them on to future generations.

Can you think of any other reasons why you buy handmade? Please share.



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