4 Top Branding Tips for your Business

In today’s blog I am going to give you a look behind the scenes of The Earth Faeries. It has been a busy start to the month and apart from making jewellery for my customers I’ve been working on my branding, business cards, doing stock checks, and updating my business plan. Plus I have been learning lots!

Talking of stock checks it was time to do a big order from my suppliers. It’s always a good idea to do regular orders for your materials as when you receive an order from your customers there is no waiting round for it to come through. I love when the post man comes as I’ve been receiving lots of nice packages in the mail lately. And today is no exception as two large boxes greet me. Big boxes of craft supplies always puts a smile on my face.


I have a craft stall in August in Whittington in  Shropshire so I’m preparing for it now. I have bought some crafting materials i.e polymer clays and  a variety of beautiful black velvet jewellery display stands for necklaces earrings and bracelets. I’m just waiting for some more polmyer clays and jewellery display stands to display my choker necklaces that I have made.



I have learned from my first stall where my jewellery was laid on the tables with no decorations or table cloth. And the second stall I did I had a table cloth that had so much detail on that it detracted from the jewellery. It’s a cringe moment now I know everything I do is part of my branding but it is a good learning experience.  You could say my business reflects my personality so its always a good idea to make a good impression. This year I’m also equipped with a beautiful table cloth for my stand plus some table decorations to uplift anyone who views my work. I think it also makes your craft stall look so much more appealing and welcoming  It certainly has been a year of learning but in a good way.

I have also been investing in myself and working on my self development. My daughter bought me a Leonie Dawson business work book that has been helping me make much progress. There is so much to do when you start a business and making the jewellery is only a small part of it. There is stock checks, book keeping, creative time looking for ideas, marketing, branding, packing, craft stalls, and networking. That’s not to mention all of the time I’ve spend researching all of the online shops so I choose the right one for me. It’s looking like I’m going with Folksy which is a British company. I will keep you posted when I open my online shop. I’ve also had to find the time or as I say make the time for other things that are important to me too such as hobbies, friends and other goals etc.  This book certainly has helped me and would thoroughly recommend to people who have businesses or are even planning on opening one.


One of the things I have been working on this year is my logo. I think it was one of the hardest parts of the business so far. I had some ideas for example I knew I wanted a faerie and I knew I didn’t want it to be a cartoon tinker bell type one. But when it came to colors I was stumped. Choosing a logo is a lot more than going for your favorite color as it represents your whole brand and either attracts the right type of customers to you or not. So getting it right was crucial!

Here are some tips on having your logo designed:

  1. Know who your customers are. For example what they buy, what magazines they read, what’s important to them. This will help you create the right colours, image and words to appeal to your audience not only on your business cards but on your website, in your blogs and newsletters to name but a few.
  2. Look around the internet for examples of other logos in your field to give you ideas.
  3. Give your designer as much information as possible about your business colours, your target audience i.e women getting married who have children, are 35 years young and are business owners who care about the environment. The more you know who your customers are the more you can give them what they want. Which means being able to make jewellery they love and also write articles they are interested in reading.
  4. Create a pinterest account and make some boards under the secret option and pin them with examples of others logos. This gives your designer a feel for what you want. The secret board is where you can keep your own images to look at and where other people can’t view them without your permission.


I shouldn’t have worried about getting my perfect logo designed because my designer, a lovely lady by the name of  Charlotte Mike Cob from F & R Designs really worked her magic wand. And so the earth faeries logo was born. Here she is. I love her. What do you think?


I have just ordered some business ca20170505_093333-1_resizedrds from Moo and they have arrived today! I chose to design them myself which was relatively easy as the lay out is all there and all you have to do is upload your pictures and logo as well as write your text. I went with Moo as they have something called printfinity which means that you can upload up to 50 product pictures on the back of your cards. Meaning I have a nice little portfolio to give to my prospective customers when I hand them my business card.

I ordered the green version of cards which are 100% recycled from sustainable forests and come in a lovely recycled pulp box to fit in with my ethics. They are also hand packed meaning no machinery so they are good for the environment.

Although I love all aspects of my business I think that my most enjoyable parts of it apart from making the jewellery is photographing it in my own garden and doing wedding shoots. Doing the wedding shoots means I get to see behind the scenes actions on the photo shoot which is interesting and fun. Plus I meet lots of lovely business and creative people in the process.

I love being outside in nature and some of the professional wedding shoots I have collaborated in  have been in beautiful locations which have really helped raise my vibration.  I believe that a persons energy goes into the products they make so the more happier, creative and inspired I am the more my jewellery is beneficial to my customers. As I say it is nice to pass feel good energy onto others.

I even got to have a beautiful horse on one of wedding shoots courtesy of my friend and neighbor Sharon Roberts owner of http://www.penyfedwcottage.co.uk where we had the photography wedding shoot.


Photography by Philip Antrobus


What’s the most enjoyable part of your business?


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