Harper & The Faeries

Moving to Wales about 9 months ago was one of the best decisions I have ever made. Not only is is it a magnificent country with lots to see and do to ignite my imagination but it is steeped in history and faerie Lore. I love anything faerie related so I decided to write a blog each month about the different faerie lores in Wales. This month I’m going to write about Harper & the faeries.

Shon Robert who was a Harper lived in a remote part of Denbigshire called Hafod Elwy. He was a musical soul and was always being invited to parties to play for the singers and dancers. This evening he had been called to a party in Llechwedd Llyfn, in the neighborhood of Cefn Brith. After a lovely evening everyone parted company and he headed home. His path was over the bare mountains which led him past a lake called Llyn-y-dau-ychain and on the verge of it was something that he had never seen before. It was a vividly illuminated grand palace. He however proceeded on his way and to his amazement came right in front of the palace. A faerie footman invited him in. Curious, he accepted the invitation and entered into a a magnificent hall where a grand ball was taking place. Much of the furniture was lavish and made of solid gold. The faeries all drank from gold goblets and a waiter stopped by and offered him a drink from a goblet that was adorned with jewels to which he accepted.

Soon he was surrounded by friendly faeries and to his astonishment addressed him by his name. They asked him to play for them and their guests which he gladly did. And much to his delight a hat was passed around and in it was put many pieces of gold and silver coins.

The magnificent feast and merriment of the guests continued until near dawn and one by one the guests took their leave. Until he was finally alone. Sleep was calling and he found a  a couch and lay down. He was soon fast asleep.  He did not wake until mid day and to his surprise he founds himself lying on a heap of heather. The palace had vanished and the gold and silver he had transferred from the hat and into his bag the night before was changed to withered leaves.

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