18 Facts About Turquoise Stones


‘ Its powers can be harnessed and utilized for good fortune’

In this blog I am going to look at one of my other favorite stones; turquoise.   It is a beautiful stone and has a hue of  light blue that reminds me of the sky. It’s history is diverse & fascinating. Its powers can be harnessed and utilized to bring you good fortune plus much more.


It looks gorgeous worn as jewellery complimenting all complexions and is a stone of wealth. It was worn by Anselmus de Boot, court physician of Emperor Rudolph II. It was wrote in 1609 that Turquoise was so highly regarded by men that no man considered his hand to be well adorned unless he wore a fine Turquoise. [Kunz, 111].

Lets  look at some more interesting facts:

  •  This semi precious stone has been a prized gem for thousands of years. It has been the talisman of kings shamans and warriors.
  • Consists of hydrated phosphate of copper aluminum.
  • It is found in barren & dry regions only.
  • Turquoise derived from the french Pierre Turquoise meaning Turkish stone.
  • Turquoise was mined in Central Asia and the trade routes to get it to Europe went through Turkey.
  • It is a stone of protection whilst traveling and my friend always carries one in his car to aid him a safe passage.
  • It can be used with pets to keep them safe. You can stick one in a name barrel on their collar.
  • It is a good talisman for attracting friends. It has been said he/she who has it will never want a friend.
  • The ancient Egyptians, Chinese, Persians, Aztecs, Incas of South America, Native North Americans saw the stone as being sacred and used it for luck, protection and power.
  • Indian priests wore it in ceremonies when calling upon the gods of the skies.
  • In the orient the ring was worn as a protection amulet to ward off dark forces.
  • Turquoise beads have been found dating back to 5,000 BC in Iraq.
  • It promotes creativity so is the stone of artists/crafters so keep one on your work station. I do and the ideas always keep flowing.
  • It increases success. Wear one when going for interviews or trying to attract prospective clients. My friend has a beautiful elephant carved out of turquoise and always keeps it on her desk. She is an artist and is always inundated with clients.
  • It promotes leadership and enhances communication thus fantastic for businesses that work directly with people and it also aids shy people.
  • It is used to strengthen the meridians and subtle energy fields that surround the body enhancing well-being.
  • It supports mediation and is a good stone to have with you when you are meditating. As I meditate in different places I carry mine in my pocket. They also look beautiful on your alters too.
  • It promotes peace of mind and relaxation so its a lovely stone to keep in your bedroom next to your bed.

So if your looking for a beautiful stone that not only enhances your beauty but provides an abundance of good fortune, success and well being then turquoise is a superb choice. And one that will give you an abundance of pleasure whether it is worn as jewellery or used as part of your decor.

What is your favorite stone?




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