Faerie Legends in Rhiwlars Wales

The Golden Chair


There was a beautiful girl. She was the daughter of hard working parents who had a farm on the side of their hill in Rhiwlars Wales. She took care of her parents sheep. When looking after the sheep she always had her knitting needles with her and would be engrossed in knitting her stockings.

One day when she was far from home, up in the mountains tending to the sheep she found a beautiful big golden chair that had been left for her by the faeries. They had noticed her good qualities and knew that her parents were struggling so they had sent her some riches. She understood the faerie law and knew that the chair had been meant for her. She also knew that according to faerie law if she did not take the gift immediately it would disappear. But the chair was very heavy and would not move.

Being a resourceful girl she immediately attached her yarn to the chair and began to pull it but soon it ran out. The only thing left was the yarn that she had been using to knit her stockings so she decided to use that but again it ran out.

She was almost home and could see her house in the not so distance and called to her parents. There was no answer so quickly tying the chair to a bolder with a little left over yarn  she ran home and immediately proceeded to tell her parents what had happened.  Excited  by her good fortune they followed her back to where she had left the chair but it was nowhere to be seen. The yarn and bolder had also been taken.

People believe the chair is hidden away in the welsh mountains and will be given to someone else who needs it.



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