World Soil Day

Here at the Earth faeries head quarters (my home) in Wales we like to give nature a helping hand.   I thought I’d dedicate this blog to raising awareness of world soil day and what this wonderful creation does for us.

Let’s be honest -how many of you give soil a second thought? It’s rough and course when dry and squishy and quite slimy when wet and it may not look like the most attractive feature in the garden. It may not be the most interesting subject for some and its been here for so long its easy to take it for granted. I never used to to give it a second thought. That was was until I moved into my new home – a massive cottage farm house with a huge garden.  I fell in love with it all..including the soil as I realized it provided me with the foundation to grow all of my own gorgeous home produce which gives me the energy to function, to live and to craft.  I had some lovely cherries, apples and plum this year from my trees and lovely tomatoes, carrots and lettuces thanks to the lovely soil. Plus I use wood to make lots of my products from sustainable forests and before the seed is planted there needs to be soil! So your getting the picture of how important this resource is!

I only had the full picture after my handy man gave me a stack of gardening books that would keep me busy for years  which furthered my knowledge. I also soon realized the important role that soil plays  in our Eco system.  So what exactly does soil do? It reduces the impact of climate change and plays an important role in food security. Here at the Earth faeries  my little magical helpers and I always try to show mother nature we are grateful for her treasures and assist her in any way that we can. Here’s how:

  • We have a rain garden. They are easy to make and involve having a shallow depression in the yard or garden that the rainwater can flow into. This helps reduce soul erosion.
  • You can reduce patios and drive ways as water flowing from them builds up. momentum and causes soil erosion. Consider having paving stones so rain water can flow downward into soil. Although we don’t have paving stones yet we have kept the patio to a minimum. We have only been here 6 months and the patio was already in so our garden is a work in progress.
  • Have a water barrel and collect rain off the roof. We do this and water the garden with it.

If you would like to learn more about world soil day and find out how you can help the earth then please click this link

Do you have any other tips that can help prevent soil erosion in your garden? If so please share.

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