The Power Of Carnelian

I have always had a fascination with quartz crystals. My collection of them speaks for itself. They are gorgeous. I keep one as an ornament on my shelf, one for laying on my chakra another I keep in my pocket and the other I wear as jewellery.



I made these recently for two of my customers and myself and they always give me the energy to go forward with my own goals. I recently went on a quartz crystal course so I could use them in my own personal transformation and also to help my customers choose the correct quartz crystals for them.

Lots of us own a carnelian as they are not very expensive to buy and they look beautiful adorned on the body. But how many of you know of the history and other interesting facts about them. In this article I thought I would give you some interesting facts about this beautiful gem.

Facts About Carnelian

  • Carnelian is a Latin name and means flesh
  • It is classed as a variety of Chalcedony
  • It is a mineral of the quartz family.
  • Ancient warriors used to wear the stone around their necks for courage and physical strength
  • In Egypt the stone was worn by master architects to show their rank as builders
  • It is associated with fertile goddess Isis and has been used to increase fertility
  • It has been said that it helps public speakers become eloquent and bold
  • It is a talisman for success in any money making ventures
  • It attracts prosperity good fortune, new resources and good luck.
  • It is a crystal that attracts success and helps you feel more motivated and ambitious
  • It stimulate the sacral chakra and can be used on that part of body to increase energy flow to that particular chakra
  • It is the birth stone for people born in and between Sept 23  Oct 21
  • It is said in Feng shui that you should put a carnelian in a room that needs energy
  • They are great for helping you re-tune your energy vibration to help you grow and facilitate change
  • It is also as a stone for protection
  • Need some inspiration then carnelians energy helps you foster creativity
  • It stimulates appetite
  • Promotes confidence
  • Rekindles passion
  • They are the talisman of the scientists, adventurers, wanderers, explorers, students, teachers and anyone who desires expansion
  • Orange stones are called carnelian and red stones are classed as sards

Carnelian is my favorite of the quartz family. What is yours?



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