Five top inspiration tips for your wedding day!

Photography by Philip Antrobus

In this article I’m going to be looking at things that have been used in my photographs to make my pictures look more appealing and fit in with my branding. Some of them were my own ideas and others from the rest of the creative team. I’m going to talk about where I get my inspiration from so you can follow me with the development of my new business an get ideas for your own wedding day.  Plus I’m going to be giving you some interesting information about the props that I and my photographer have used.

I was very fortunate recently to be given the opportunity to have a life style wedding shoot in a beautiful rural setting in Wales.  It took place in my friends own garden that happened to have a gorgeous sun dial in it. I wish I could take credit for the idea behind the picture below but it was the idea and work of photographer Philip Antrobus.

Since my faerie helpers live in gardens and woods;  don’t have watches and use more natural methods to tell the time I thought that the picture told you a little more about how my faerie helpers live. If you want to find out more about my faerie helpers and there lives and life styles then read more here

Swarovski crystal & pearl set
The professional photographer used my friends sun dial to get this shot

Here’s a project that I designed and made for the wedding shoot in Wales. It’s a beautiful faux pearl and pink and clear Swarovski crystal set with 925 silver clasps and dangle earrings.

Sun dials make beautiful garden features and they are great as props when photographing  products. I think it gives the picture a lovely old authentic look and tells a story.  So what exactly is a sun dial and what is it used for? Well people back in time didn’t have watches and they used to tell the time from the sky. You can tell the time by looking at the shadow cast as it shines on the pointer of the sundial. The length of the shadows are also effected by the seasons. The winter shadows are longer than the summer ones due to the sun being lower in the sky than in winter.

Another great prop to show case Ann Dibbs work our accessory designer’s bouquet  was a pair of pink wellies.

It’s surprising what you can find if you have a look around. These were bought by myself (a last minute buy)  for my daughter to wear for the wedding shoot. I knew she wanted some wellies so we did a trade off. Her – very kindly giving us a couple of hours of her time away from her own business to model for myself and a team of other creatives in return for wellies. Which is quite ironic considering her life style blog is called

She actually got a lot more than the wellies I may add as I made her a pair of earrings to say thank you for all of her hard work. She was there from 11 for make up, dress and hair.   The photo shoot started at 1 which didn’t finish until about half six so it was the least I could do. And she was chauffeured in the car to the location whilst I and the wedding co-coordinator had to climb the hill to get there. But it’s only a 2 minute walk up quite a steep narrow country lane which I do most days with the dog and at least I arrived with colour in my cheeks. And it does have gorgeous views.

Thanks to my friend Sharon Roberts who kindly let us use her picturesque garden and beautiful retreat  She put the bouquet in the wellies to ensure it wasn’t left on the grass. It looked great and our photographer thought so too  as you can see from this picture below. Some times the pictures that are not planned make the best pictures.

My friends flower bouquet
It is surprising what props you can use to get great pictures. My daughters wellies came in handy!
Swarovski bracelet - bridal
A model wearing my Swarovski bracelet whilst on location


When I was visualizing the wedding shoot in my mind I could see a horse. I wanted a life style shoot and so did Donna Maria Oconnor the wedding consultant and coordinator who brought all of this masterpiece together. Plus she also provided the bridal gown which is available to hire for your own wedding.

I knew a friend who had a gorgeous horse who I thought would have been perfect for this so I asked her could I partner with him and thankfully she said yes. Drum roll for Alton.  A beautiful curious chestnut gelding who was a perfect gentleman. He wasn’t too keen on the wedding dress so we didn’t get chance to have the model sitting on him but we did manage to get some lovely pictures with him by her side.



As well as designing and making jewellery I also design accessories; faerie jars with jewels and other pretty trinkets in them. They can be used as  keep sakes and a variety  of things as they are very versatile – name places and favors to name a few of their uses. The following pictures below were taken by myself. I’m not a professional photographer as you can probably tell but I am learning as I’m going along. I wanted to photograph them with something natural that would tell you something about my faerie helpers lives and make the picture more interesting. A quick look around my garden gave me some lovely ideas and I decided on some fallen rose petals that grow in abundance in my garden.

A silver leaf in glass jar - table decoration
A silver leaf in a faerie jar that I designed and made

Tips on getting inspiration

  • Look around the garden for twigs, leaves, petals and various other items that represent your brand.
  • Wellies, hiking boots and even riding boots can give a twist to your luxurious wedding and give it a real country feel. Plus it can make it fun and memorable. If you are getting married rather than doing product shoots communicate your ideas to your photographer. They have a wealth of inspiration and are sure to find something that tells your story.
  • Take regular walks in the countryside or park and look at the different colored leaves and their contrasts. Autumn is alive with chocolates, russets, reds, burnished oranges, greens and yellows. It certainly gives me ideas for my designs and it may give you some for the color of your theme.
  • Look on Pinterest, Instagram and other visual platforms to gain inspiration so you can start your own inspiration boards.
  • Look in your cupboards or in market stalls for vintage or vintage looking items for example tea cups. Your jewellery looks great displayed upon them and they also look beautiful on your tables too.

Do you have any ideas for props that can be used for pictures for your wedding day. If so please share as I’d love to hear them.





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