Chapter Three -Ruby Starlight

Chapter Three – back to faerie land


Ruby Starlight ran her gold diamond encrusted brush through her long red curly tresses. Sombre eyes looked back at her through the mirror. She ran a peach colored painted finger nail over her full lips and over the side of her high cheek bones. She had always wondered what she would look like in human form and she had to admit she liked what she saw. However the fascination of being in human form had long worn off and she had missed having her real wings and inner magic. Her fingers touched the shiny tinsel material that had been fixed to her ballerina costume. Nothing like the real thing she thought as she bent to undo her ballet shoes and put them neatly into the nearby locker.

She had spent most of her childhood sat on tree tops peering down at the giants – humans as they walked through the forests wishing that she could be one. They always say be careful what you wish for! And here she was living the life of a ballerina, model and an actress too. She had her own TV show an a jewellery and clothing range.She had accomplished her goal and  become a house hold name.

Ruby Starlight had become an over night sensation and had met the man of her dreams thanks to the spell the Gothic faerie had granted her. But sometimes things come at a price and although it didn’t seem a big one at the time (an exchange of her magic Ruby necklace) for the life of her dreams it seemed to be a high price to pay now. She missed faerie land, her friends and being surrounded by the people whom believed in their inner magic. Humans she had discovered were indeed very magical beings but many had forgotten their roots. Although the magic was being discovered by them again the energy of this realm was not as highly tuned as her home land.

Many times she had thought of returning over the last year but her love for her partner kept her there. She had often longed to tell him her true identity but some humans minds were so closed that she feared he would not believe her. And what if he did, what then? He was too big to fit into her lavish castle back home and secondly that’s if she could find it again. Everything seemed so tiny being human and considering that they had flown on ants in her land it was unlikely she would find faerie land with her humans eyes.

Slipping into a slouchy jumper, jeans and a long coat she made her way out of the theater and slipped behind the wheel of her Porsche. The collectors item revved into action and she took off in the direction of her apartment.

James was waiting for her when she got back. She snuggled into his big muscular arms as they enveloped her.

“Good day darling?”

She nodded, smiled, her lips meeting his before heading in the direction of the smell of food which was wafting in from the direction of the balcony.

He had cooked her a lovely meal and had lit the candles. They dined out on the balcony that over looked the river Thames. The city lights danced like sea faeries on the the river and once more she was reminded of home.

He noticed her silence and reached out to hold her hand “Is something bothering you my love”

It was now or never she thought. She had to tell him. She nodded “Yes I have something to tell you James. I don’t know whether your going to believe me but I can’t keep it a secret from you any longer.”

She noticed his eyebrow had shot up and there was a small twitch at the side of his neck.

“Go on”

She gulped a glass of spring water down “Well I’m..

“Oh god its another man isn’t it.”

“No silly” she said smiling and her fingers curling over his “I’m a..I’m a faerie. Well I used to be”

He grinned “Ah your practicing your lines on me. Thank god for that. You had me worried for a second. Is this a new movie you’re doing?”

She shook her head and laughed “No I’m being serious James.” She took a deep breath to steady herself. “Before I came here I lived in what you humans would call a magical realm. I lived in a palace. I’m a princess who always dreamed of being human and one day that wish was granted.”

“Okay you sound fantastic darling. The public are going to love you. great script too. How long have you had it for?”

“Its not a script.”

He threw his napkin down on the table ” Ruby..your an amazing actress you don’t have to try to convince me. Seriously though how long have you had this new script for”

“James I’m not play acting. I’m telling you the truth.”

“Have you been drinking?”

She nodded and handed him the glass “Yep three glasses full of spring water.”

A grin broke out on his face “Okay miss faerie princess prove it then”

She screwed up her face “I know you were going to say that. I would love too but I can’t”

His eye brow raised and the tone of his voice was sardonic “let me guess, when you came to human land you had to relinquish all of your powers.”

Realizing he was mocking her she threw the napkin at him “Stop making fun of me. I’m trying to be truthful with you. I was stupid to think you..your kind would believe in mine. ”

He caught her by the arm and she had no choice but to turn to face him. He could see her eyes glistening. “God your being serious aren’t you.”

She nodded and wiped the tear away from her face with her other hand “I miss my friends and my family James. I miss my powers and being able to fly. And I have to find a way back”

His arm dropped like a rock and he sat back down. It took him five minutes before he finally found his voice.  “Wow you really aren’t pulling my leg are you.”

She shook her head “This is really important to me James.”

“I understand that Ruby. I love you and I want you to be happy and please forgive me if I sound selfish but where exactly does that leave me.”

“Oh god, I’ve thought of that question over and over again in the past couple of months.”

“And?” he asked

“You could always come with me.”

He thought for a moment and shook his head “My life is here Rube. Plus I don’t think I would literally fit into your world pardon the pun. So what now?”

She walked over to the balcony and leaned heavily on the railing.  Glancing over her shoulder at him, her heart feeling heavy as she noticed his slumped shoulders and worried expression. She loved him and the last thing that she wanted to do was hurt him. “I have to try and find a way to contact the Gothic faerie.”


“Oh long story. But she was the one who put me here and I’m guessing she is the one who can get me out of here.”

“And how are you going to do that?”

“Well there is one way, its a long shot but I have to try.”

He pulled up a chair “Okay I’m all ears.”

Chapter 4 coming soon

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