8 Confidence Tips For Wedding Day

In this blog I am going to give you some tips on how to build up your confidence and momentum for your big day. Organizing your wedding should be as fun as the actual event. Plus the secret to a smooth run up to your wedding day is the more fun you are having the more momentum you will have. I’m going to show you how I build up momentum and confidence to step out of my comfort zone so I can take action to build my business. Using these useful tips will help your lead up to your big day be a stress free one.

I haven’t always been a jewellery & accessory maker. I was a life coach and also a writer looking for a career change. It was a big thing for me starting something completely different but five months ago I took the plunge and have never looked back. To keep me on track these are the tips that I have used myself and can be applied to any event.

  1. I got my mind set on board and started to say I can, I will and I have. I also started to repeat the mantra ‘I am seeing progress in my venture’ and as I said that I started to see more.
  2. I did a to do list and as I started to tick it off I felt more confident that everything was moving forwards as it should have.
  3. I took three actions a day and I wrote them down and then every evening I would write three actions I needed to take the next day. And the next day I would act on them.
  4. I prioritized and looked at things that needed urgently addressing rather than trying to tackle everything at once. I also put them in logical steps. For example I ordered supplies, began to draw designs, made the products and sent out the products to customers whose special occasions were being held the first. There are some great resources out there to help you organize & prioritize your wedding step by step so be sure to browse the internet.
  5. I made it all fun. I used coloured pens and felt tips for my to do lists and drawings. I made mood boards full of pictures of designs I had drawn.
  6. I pooled ideas. I even enlisted the help of my friends and magazines to pool ideas for my designs. It’s a great way to get inspiration.
  7. I stuck pictures of what I wanted my ideal life to look like once I had accomplished my goal. I kept the picture on my walls to spur me on and remind me what I was working towards. You can do this with your own wedding and stick pictures of items that represent your goals i.e ideal wedding car or carriage, dress, cake, location, hotel etc. You can even stick colour fabric swatches on there too.
  8. I did a progress list. I wrote down everything I had done and achieved since starting my new venture. This helped build my confidence and momentum as it reminded me how far I had come. It is easy to get so caught up with the future and get impatient that not everything is in place yet. Pausing to see how far you’ve come lets you take stock. It also gives you that sense of satisfaction and fresh energy to go further.

Here’s the actual progress list that I did so you can see what types of things you can put on yours. Although mine was a business I was starting and your is an event the same principles still apply.

  • I’ve had 2 professional wedding photo shoots which has enabled me to show case my jewellery and have professional pictures done. This is a behind the scenes look at the team in action.  That’s is me in the red jeans in awe of the whole day.


  • I opened my https://www.facebook.com/groups/TheEarthFaeries/ on face book
  • I opened this blog.
  • I’ve had some lovely followers and likes
  • A wonderful review on here for two of my products from a lovely customer.
  • I had my first craft stall and sold several items.
  • I was very privileged because I had two lovely customers in my local area travel to my house and collect their products.
  • I have made a profit which is pretty great going considering I have only been in business for five months.
  • I had a professional video done of the wedding shoot and coverage for my jewellery.
  • I’m having a feature done on me.
  • I received a financial gift to invest into my venture.
  • I got to collaborate with amazing creatives on two wonderful wedding shoots.
  • Ann Dibbs bouquet designer  https://www.facebook.com/anndibbsartisan/?fref=ts
  • Donna O’Conner Bridal consultant and make up artist https://www.facebook.com/doc.0000?pnref=story https://www.facebook.com
  • Philip Antrobus Photographer  http://www.facebook.com/philipantrobusphotography/?fref=tsl  One of the wedding shoots was held in Bubbles Champagne bar and another in rural Wales where I live.
  •   I made great friends in the process.


  • I kindly got permission to use a beautiful horse called Alton courtesy of Sharon Roberts and the use of her garden where she has her own retreat cottage to rent to have the wedding shoot in. http://www.penyfedwcottage.co.uk That’s me on the left below with Sharon Roberts looking more than happy.


  • I enrolled on a Pinterest course and an Instagram course and completed them.   I have just enrolled a social media diploma which I’m still studying.
  • I opened my Pinterest account and I have almost found my way around it.
  • I have been studying the Etsy guide about having my own shop and have half opened it. I’m nearly there. I just have a couple more articles to read before I’m live.
  • And I got invited to another wedding shoot over in Italy.
  • I got to work on the most fun project ever for two lovely little children. read more about this here https://theearthfaeries.wordpress.com/2016/10/12/a-recent-faerie-jar-project/
  • I have just inquired about another craft stall for xmas.

I will keep updating this as I make more progress. Applying these easy tips will help keep you on track and replenish energy supplies for the next part of the journey. Yours could look something like this:

  • I met my true love and he proposed marriage
  • I started my mood board or vision board
  • I went shopping for my engagement ring
  • I had the most amazing engagement party
  • I looked through magazines at dresses, cakes etc
  • I started looking around for venues
  • I contacted suppliers to get quotes and availability
  • I went to try my dress on
  • I asked my friends to be bridesmaids and they said yes
  • I booked the venue
  • I bought my dress
  • I found my ideal venue to have my hen party in
  • I ordered my cake
  • I decided on who I am inviting
  • I sent invitations out
  • I finalized my guest list

And so on.

It’s the small steps that makes the whole picture and really will make you feel more in control throughout the whole lead up to the event. And you’ll walk down the isle not just looking sensational but feeling it too.

Do you have any other confidence tips or how to build up momentum for your wedding day?  If so please share.



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