How is Swarovski Crystal made

Hands up who loves Swarovski crystals. Both of my hands are up at the moment. I have a passion for these sparkling little wonders which are available in every colour that you can think of but my favorite is clear and pink.  I have smiles of glee as I surround myself with them and happily thread them onto my wires or sprinkle them into my faerie jars.


It’s surprising what I can do with them when I let my imagination have free reign.


In this blog I’m going to show you where Swarovski crystals come from, what their made of and what other things they are used for besides jewellery making.

They are loved and adored world wide and are used by the top fashion houses such as Christian Dior.  You will see them adorned on models on the cat walks of Milan, New York and Paris. Swarovski crystals made history at New York’s fashion week this season by featuring almost 700,000 during the week. An Austrian jewellery company gave financial support to collective designers for spring 2017. Big names name designers and brands have used them in their collections too.

And whilst most people have an item that is made of them in their jewellery box  how much do you know about these beautiful timeless crystals. I don’t know about you but I love learning about the pieces of jewellery I am wearing as it makes me appreciate it all the more.

Swarovski crystals surprisingly are not grown in the earth like quartz crystals although some of their ingredients compose of quartz. Rather they are man made and made by Danial Swarovski. Danial Swarovski, formerly known as Daniel Swartz was born in Northern Bohemia . He was the son of a glass maker who owned his own little factory. He served there as a young apprentice and became skilled in glass cutting.

In 1892 he invented and patented an electric cutting machine that facilitated the production of crystal glass. And thus the Swarovski empire was born. The Swarovski empire also has another business which is producing and selling loose elements to the industry. The Swarovski crystals are used in decor, on clothing, chandeliers and to make figures. The figurines have a huge following and fan base.  In fact I felt inspired by this parrot figurine. parot

Up until then I had only been using them to make jewellery . I decided to get creative and started making accessories for customers weddings and for children. Perhaps you would like to read about my recent project where I collaborated with the tooth faerie to make faerie jars for two lovely little girls

I have also just made my customers this bespoke faerie jar as a keep sake and wedding favor. It feels like I’m in faerie land making them.


So what exactly are these beautiful crystals made of. They are made of high quality lead glass using quartz, sand and minerals. The rainbow spectrum that you see which is called refraction is the special metallic coating that lets light refract in all colors of the rainbow.


So what makes these different to just normal glass you may be wondering. Swarovski uses only the finest materials, superior production, cutting and polishing process and is what sets these crystals apart from other glass works. It is easy to see why top fashion houses and designers including myself enjoy working with them.cropped-cropped-wales-131.jpg

According to Swarovski “cutting hard materials such as crystals and gems in such a way that they a hundred identical facets in several directions is a very complicated process; each direction of the reflected light must be first calculated by a computer, then this has to be stimulated in 3D optimized and finally converted into control programs for complex machinery”.  This laborious  and complicated process brings us beautiful crystals that have the brilliance and beauty of diamonds at affordable prices.

So next time your wearing your beautiful collections which have been set with Swarovski crystals now you know the love time and effort that has gone into creating such a beautiful piece of jewellery.


What is your favorite colour Swarovski crystals?





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