6 top tips on how to get creative with your children!


In this blog I’m going to take you behind the scenes and  tell you how I make my faerie jars. Plus I will be introducing you to my magical little helpers. All of my faerie jars are bespoke and made to order and are a fun way to spend the day. I will also give you some tips for gaining inspiration just incase you want to get creative yourself.

I recently received a lovely project from a lovely customer to make some faerie jars for her children. She asked me and my little helpers  (The Earth Faeries) plus the children’s tooth faeries to make some faeries jars for her children. So together with the rest of my faerie helpers we sat at my kitchen table surrounded by glitters and beautiful colored cords and other fun craft stuff. We got to work with a smile on our faces.


Pearl Luster was very helpful she fluttered over to the glitter and accessories and brought them over to our table. I chose silver and gold cord for each bottle and I braided the cords.


Crystal Moon Wand helped by pouring the glitter into the jars. We also had a guest appearance from two of  the little girls tooth faeries Butterfly Wand Queen and North Star Glitter who wrote the letters to the children.

Our guest stars chose the colours of the glitter and colour of the cord. Myself and my team of other helpers cut the A4 paper into long strips and coloured the paper to give a lovely authentic look to the scrolls. I like to use tea bags to colour the paper as they really do give the scroll a lovely old authentic look.


(Before and after pictures of the paper)

Then our guest stars the tooth faeries took the scrolls out into the garden and began to write their lovely letters to the children.



After that it was handed to me, I rolled it into the scroll and Crystal Moon Wand tied the silver and gold cords around the scrolls. We all held the scissors whilst we cut the cord. It really was a team effort.




Then afterword we all went out into the garden again to take some pictures of what we had made. Over all it was a fun productive and creative day.

I’d like to say a big thank you to my helpers Crystal Moon Wand, Pearl Luster, and our guest star tooth faeries North Star Glitter and Wand Butterfly Queen. They were a great team to collaborate with. And an extra special thank you to all of them for sprinkling their magic on the beautiful faerie jars so that it brings the children much good fortune and prosperity.

I’m looking forward to our next collaboration.

And if you fancy getting creative and having fun with your children. Here are some great tips to help you along.

  • Put some nice relaxing music on whilst doing your projects as when nice and relaxed the mind opens up and your more likely to think of fun ideas
  • In the summer months why not put a blanket on the grass in your garden and work on your projects there.
  • Go for a walk in nature first. All of the oxygen is great for the brain cells.  You’ll find not only will you have more energy to complete the project among-st other things as well but you will have more thinking power too.
  • Make sure that you have all of the materials needed in one place next to you to save having to get up all the time. It conserve energy so you have more of it to enjoy your fun projects.
  • Look on line or in magazines for projects or ideas.
  • Let your imagination have free reign.

Have you embarked on any fun creative projects lately? If so please share as I’d love to hear more about it.

Additional note

Since writing this article I no longer supply normal glitters which are harmful for the environment. I now use biodegradable compostable glitters that are eco friendly.

Here is one of my latest products







2 thoughts on “6 top tips on how to get creative with your children!

  1. Thank you so much for doing these magical fairy jars for the girls.
    They were so excited when they woke up in the morning to find this lovely box.
    The fairies write letters to the girls every time a tooth comes out. The girls would leave a little letter asking them many questions and their fairy would always reply to their letters.
    So when I met The Earth Faeries, they made something that was so special for me and my girls, that we will treasure forever. So thank you so much for doing this for us.
    I would recommend you to anyone.
    I felt that you took my ideas and our letters and transformed them into something amazing.
    Thank you xx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Charlotte you are very welcome. They were a pleasure to create. It is lovely to hear that they treasure them and that I was able to take your ideas and transform them into something that you all love. Thank you so much for your glowing review and thank you for giving me such an amazing project to work on. It was very enjoyable from start to finish. I’m delighted your girls love them xx


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