Chapter two -Princess Crystal Moonwand

Princess Crystal Moonwand was lay down on a floating water Lilly that was cruising gently down the river. Her arms were tucked behind her head. Her long white blond hair was flowing over the edges of the water Lilly and into the crystal clear waters.

The water Lilly meandered in and out of the reeds and the occasional croak of the frog brought her out of her slumber.

It had been an enjoyable day. She had been invited to one of her pixie friends birth day parties and was now on her way back home to the crystal palace. Normally she would have flown home but she had been racing around the woods all day with her friends. She had been playing fun games hopping from toad stool to toadstool, and had decided to take a more pleasurable form of transport.

An over head bird, an eagle from her court was hovering above her. He was one of her protectors and had been with her since birth. She sat up and smiled at him as he swooped down and came to rest on the river bank.

Her smile growing wider as she saw her kingdom rising up in the distance with the back drop of the mountains all covered in snow. It had been her home for 25 years and now all of her siblings had flown the nest there was only her and her parents plus the staff that lived there.  But not for long she thoughts as her thoughts wandered to last months events. Prince Dereamie had dropped by the palace and had asked her father for her hand in marriage.  It was a day she had dreamed of all of her life and she should have been the most happiest woman in the land but she wasn’t.

Prince Dereamie was a very eligible bachelor. He had great material wealth, was well cultured, well-traveled and very handsome. He had always shown her great kindness and was one of her best friends.  Like most  of her other friends she had gone to school with him  and had many adventures with him along the way. Everyone had always said they would get married right from the moment that he had bought her a ring when she was 7 years old.   She had always thought it  was inevitable that it would happen so it came no surprise to receive a proposal of marriage

However recently something had changed about him. He was distant and when he was with her he always seemed to want to talk about the Gothic faerie. She had told her best friend  Princess Ruby Star light about his behavior. She had said she suspected he had a spell put on him by her. She didn’t know what to think. It seemed that faerie was determined on not only taking over the whole of faerie land but also into luring others boyfriends away. One thing was certain spell or not she couldn’t marry a man whose heart was with another.

Her train of thought was broken as the water Lilly she was traveling on floated towards a sand bank and got caught up in the reeds. The water began to ripple as a thudding noise grew steadily louder.  She watched mouth agape as a giant human child was crouching down to pick up a pearl. However she observed it wasn’t just any pearl it was Princess Onyx pet orb – Loomie. As the child fingers began to curl around Loomie, her violet eyes shot wide open and she darted sideways and towards crystal knocking her flying into the river. Her long saturated tresses covering her face and filling her mouth.

She heard the pet Onyx giggle and she flew up out of the water and came to stand on another water Lilly. Scraping her long mane back she stood there, legs astride, arms folded glaring at the stone.

“This is not funny” She scolded “I see you haven’t changed”

“I have so” said Loomie

“Hmm really?. You could have fooled me.”

She knew Loomie well. She had gone through school and college with them both. Loomie had been one of the most difficult pets to train and was finding it hard to believe her friends when she had said she had become a model one.

She felt her own beloved pet tremble in her pocket. She was a crystal ring that had many powers one of them being remote viewing. Meaning she got to glimpse into others lives without them knowing she was watching. She had had so much fun in faerie school learning how to use the powers of her pet ring whom she had named  Krista and mystifying her class mates as to how she was already a step ahead of them.

She touched her pulsating ring in the pocket of her trousers. Her pet was longing to play, to sing and to see the sunlight which powered her up. However due to a spell that the Gothic faerie  had put onto her pet she been unable to use her. Her spell had meant that she too could tune into the ring and track her movements. And knowing that she was determined to have all the most powerful gems in the land her ring included, Crystal thought that it was best to keep her pet out of sight. At least until she could find a way to prevent this bad faerie from using her pet to locate her and the ring.

She came back to the present as Loomie flew onto her hand and began to tell her what had happened and how she had escaped. The child had reached for a communication device in his pocket and had come tumbling out and been able to get free.

“You must track the princess and fly back to her. She will be worried about you.”

The orb squeaked in agreement and shot up in the air. She scanned the landscape; tried  to sense her keepers whereabouts but she couldn’t pick anything up. However although she couldn’t sense her companion she sensed something else. She could feel something heavy in the pit of her stomach. She could also hear the vibration of whatever was approaching beneath her feet. All of a sudden the woods that was teaming with life became very quiet. It was as if the animals were listening and anticipating what was coming. She could almost smell their fear!

Crystal could sense it too. She could feel the water Lilly shaking beneath her. Her long wings expanded and she darted up into the air. She was just in time to see a black horse carriage pulled by two of the Gothic faeries stallions ascend into the sky.

Loomie came to sit on crystals shoulder and cloaked her in her powers of invisibility. They were able to watch closely without being detected as the horses came towards them and the carriage screeched to a halt in mid air. The carriage window slid down and a familiar face peered out. It was the Gothic faerie.

Her wide eyes widening as she absorbed the vastness of the land and a smile softening the harshness of her expression. “Look my prince at how beautiful it all this. This will all be mine very soon.”

Another familiar face peered out of the window besides her and  crystal had to stifle a gasp. It was her fiance. What on earth was he doing with her?

“Or ours my darling prince” she continued stroking the side of his handsome face with her black painted nails. “If you agree to my proposal that is”

Unable to contain herself she gasped loudly. For a moment she thought that they had heard her as the Gothic faerie and her fiance seem to stare directly at her. But then she realized they were both staring through her and she felt her hairs on the back of her neck that were stood to attention relax.

“Imagine it now, you by my side ” she went on ” Ruling all of faerie land. It would be magnificent!”

His eyebrow shot up. “And how do you plan to do this?”

“We take the crystal palace as our own, you make me your bride and we will rule the land together. Taking kingdom after kingdom until I rule the world!” She ran her long talon over his full lips. “So what do you say my prince.”

Crystal didn’t hear his reply as the window on the carriage shot back up. She stepped out of the path of the horses as their wings expanded and they galloped over the clouds. And she was left mouth agape and unable to find her voice.

Loomie was the first to spring back to life and nudged crystal into action. Her childish voice was suddenly very grown up and serious. “We must go together and alert the faerie counsel. But first we must find Princess Onyx.”

Crystal looked over at the palace. She was almost there and was undecided what to do. She had never been good at making quick decisions. Her parents were expecting her but she knew Loomie was right – she had to notify the faerie counsel and find her friend. It was one of the quickest decisions she had made in her entire life. She put her fingers in her mouth and whistled softly at the eagle above. It swooped down and settled on a nearby branch.

“Fly home Haniwal and tell my parents that I have an errand to run and will be back in a couple of weeks ”

The eagle screeched and stretched its wings before taking off into the sky.

Taking a deep breath to centre herself she pulled herself onto the orbs luminescent back and held on tightly as it took off in the directions of the mountains.

Chapter three coming soon!

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