20 Interesting Facts About Peridot Crystal

In today’s blog I’m going to tell you 20 interesting facts that most people don’t know about  Peridot as well as  the history behind this fascinating gem.



Ever since I was a little girl I always had a fascination with quartz crystals.  My earliest collection was when I was 14 and I stepped into a shop that sold every variety. I felt as if I was in wonderland and I  think I almost bought the entire shop. And now all of these years later even though I love all the precious stones (my favorite is emeralds) my fascination is still strong with the quartz family. Apart from using them to increase my well being I now have the privileged to make jewellery out of them for special occasions, costume jewellery and more recently wedding name places.


(Beautiful Peridot heart shaped necklace made by Melanie J Molloy – The Earth Faeries)



(Melanie J Molloy – Earth Faeries name places with Peridot and gold braided chord. They make any table look elegant and enchanting)

Obviously knowing about their rich history and their healing properties makes my role easier. It helps me to help my client choose the right one for them as well as makes my career a very interesting one.  Here are some interesting facts about Peridot.

20 interesting facts about Peridot crystal:

  • Peridot is the birth stone of those born in August
  • Peridot is derived from the Arabic word Faridat meaning gem
  • Peridot is a protective crystal and protects the aura
  • If you are looking for love then Peridot is the perfect stone for attracting a new lover. It can bring happiness to your original relationship if you already have found your beloved
  • Ancient Romans referred to it as the evening emerald
  • The earliest records shows that Peridot was first discovered 4,000 years ago on St Johns island now known as the Egyptian island of Zabagard. Crusaders were said to have brought the gem back to the western world.
  • According to folk law the gem brings good luck, peace and prosperity to the wearer
  • All crystals have their own vibration which can help retune your own to create happiness, harmony and prosperity
  • The intensity of the colour is dependent on the amount of iron contained in its composition. The more iron the darker the darker the gem
  • Peridot is found in rocks created by volcanoes and in some cases it forms as a result of meteors falling to earth.
  • Cleopatra was said to have worn Peridot
  • Peridot mines are found in Arkansas, Arizona on the San Carlos reservations, Nevada, and Hawaii. Foreign sources of the stone include Australia, Kenya, China, Brazil, Myanmar, Pakistan, South Africa, Tanzania and Sri Lanka
  • One of the most Peridots is a 46.16 Karat stone and was found in Pakistan. Another
  • inquisitive peridot which is 34.65 Karat was found in San Carlos Indian reservation
  • Harness on Mohs scale is 6.5 – 7 which means its not very hard.

Please tell me what your favorite stone is?



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