Top tips for your wedding day!

In this blog I’m going to look at behind the scenes of a  wonderful wedding shoot that I was asked to be part of (I designed and hand made the pearl collection Jewellery.) I no longer make authentic pearl necklaces but instead design faux pearl due to ethical reasons. 


Makeup & bridal consultancy service – Donna O’Conner

Jewellery design The Earth Faeries – Melanie Molloy

Dress by Petticoats-A-Plenty – Andrea Sef

Photography by Philip Antrobus

Venue by Bubble Beach Club

This exciting wedding shoot was held in an exclusive venue in Liverpool  This beautiful first of a kind water front beach club is located in the pier head with a two story luxury campaign lounge and is the choice of famous celebrities.


I’ve interviewed the organizer Miss Donna O’connor proprietor of Liverpool bridal consultant, on how it all came together.  She kindly gave me some tips to help you create your own perfect wedding day.

The Earth Faeries: How did you pull something like this together?

Donna: After weeks of planning (lots of to-do lists)and putting a team together of wedding creative professionals the day finally arrived on Sunday 14th of August 2016. It is the most amazing experience to have a vision and to see it manifest and come alive right before your eyes during a photo-shoot.It’s like putting together pieces of a jigsaw, each professional involved in the photo shoot will have their own expertise and field that they work in.


The Earth Faeries: What advice do you give for brides wanting to know what type of make up to wear for their big day?

Donna: For Bridal make up I always aim for a fresh flawless natural look, using brown or bronze coloured pigment on the eyes, with natural strip lashes.


Peach or pink blush is used on cheekbones to give a healthy glow,and nudes, pinks or peach lipsticks are used on the lips. Peach looks great on red heads, pinks on pale skins and blond hair. Neutral is a versatile colour and can work on all complexions. A natural make up applied well is very effective.


Brides tend to opt for natural make up applications on their wedding day because they don’t want to look too much different on their big day from what they usually do. A Bride will want to look and feel like the star of her event and feel amazing . The aisle will be her catwalk and all eyes will be on her.



The Earth Faeries: Where does your inspiration come from?

Donna: My inspiration for this wedding photo shoot came from what I feel represented all of us as a team. We all have a similar vision of what our individual businesses are about and what message we wanted to send out there to prospective clients. We wanted a high end sophisticated look at affordable prices so that everyone can enjoy our services. So I would say it was sophistication we were aiming for, something feminine, timeless with an editorial modern feel to it.

The Earth Faeries: Do you have any tips for others who would like to walk in your footsteps?

Donna: My advice is build a team with people who have the same values and work ethics. This is good for team building. When everyone is on the same wavelength and working towards the same goal as a team it just flows and everyone helps each other to make it a success.


This positive vibe flows within our team. Our team works like a family, we work smarter, we have fun and we bring the vision into reality. This is all captured on camera and it’s like magic taking place. It certainly shows on the images taken by the photographer. This means that everyone is comfortable with each other, the models are relaxed and its all natural. Working in this way brings out the best in each other.

The Earth Faeries: What does a typical day include?

Donna: There was an air of excitement on this shoot right from the start, we all met outside the venue and then we set up at the venue. The video cameras were set up and the make overs on the models began. There was lots of fun and laughter and a lot of banter took place.


The wedding gown was hung up on another side of the room we were in on a large ornate mirror.

When the Makeovers were complete the models got dressed in their attire. The Bridal model Stacey Mellin was helped into the Bridal gown by Andrea Sef who supplied the wedding dress. Andrea’s business is called Petticoats a Plenty. The dress was called Isobella which was absolutely stunning. It takes her six months to design and make the dress and about three week to design and make the petticoat.

There was a gasp in the room when Stacey was dressed complete with bridal gown and the Bridal jewellery was placed on our model.


The jewellery was delicate and oozed sophistication. It was designed with love by Melanie Jane Molloy proprietor of The Earth Faeries, who designs and hand makes bespoke jewellery. She is a very talented creative lady who I have known for many years now and has just recently started a new business venture making her own jewellery.


The completed look was breathtaking, complemented by hair and make up by myself Donna Maria O’connor. I am the owner of a new business venture Liverpool bridal consultant that provides a bespoke wedding design service from make up, hair design to planning for your big day.

Our model Stacey had a modern funky hairstyle, which I session styled on the day. I felt that her hairstyle gave a modern twist on the sophisticated look we were aiming for.

The Earth faeries: What did you think about the venue?


Donna: It’s every brides dream. The venue I chose was amazing. Bubbles Beach bar is a new venue here in Liverpool. It has a roof top terrace, champagne bar, beach awnings,and four poster beds that you can relax on in the sun. It has a seating area with outside huts where you can order soft drinks and coffee.


In fact it looks like a venue you would find on a luxury holiday location abroad and yet its situated at the Pier Head waterfront here in Liverpool. The back drop is of the liver buildings which is a main landmark here in this wonderful city.


I chose the venue because I felt it represented Liverpool weddings. I believe that this venue was perfect for the editorial look we wanted to portray and it represented the fashion aspect of Liverpool; as women here take a lot of pride in the way that they dress. It really is the capital of fashion in the north.

The Earth faeries: What were your highlights to the day?

Donna: The highlights to this wedding shoot were images taken of our models on the four poster beds, by the vintage car which was on the venue grounds and images taken on the roof top terrace.


The Earth Faeries: Do you have anything else you’d like to add?

Donna: Yes, I would like to say a special thank-you to Rob and Maria Jones of 4G Events for videographing and capturing the essence of such a magical day. Photographer Philip Antrobus our very talented photographer who shared our vision and made it into reality. Andrea Sef who is very creative with her wedding gowns and beautiful petticoats.It takes her six months to make her hand made gowns and we were delighted with the results. And not forgetting my lovely friend Melanie Jane Molloy founder of the The Earth Faeries jewellery company for making the fabulous Bridal Jewellery.





The Earth Faeries: Thank you Donna for the interview and thanks everyone for helping the day be a success. I enjoyed collaborating with you all.

Behind the Scenes Video Here







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