Chapter one – The Earth Faeries Tales


In the beginning…

In this part of my blog I’m going to be using this section  to give you the stories behind my female characters that represent The Earth Faeries. I have three new characters that I’m currently designing and going to have drawn up and made into my own silicone moulds so that I can make jewellery for adults and children out of them. And because everyone likes a good faerie story even us adults, I thought that I’d take you on our journey into this mythical realm. You’ll discover where The Earth Faeries get their ideas from for their designs and the adventures they have a long the way. You’ll also learn all about the facts of these timeless beautiful gems, what their made of and where they are found.

My Earth Faeries Characters

The first character that is being drawn at the moment is  Ruby star light and she is the keeper of all the red gems and red quartz crystals. The second character is crystal moon water. Her favorite stones are diamonds and crystal clear quartz. And my third character is Onyx. She even has her own pet Onyz that flies but more on all of this in future blogs. These little helpers make up my team!

So where did I get my name The Earth Faeries from?

Well being a child of a mum who would often read me and her foster children faerie stories and take us all on walks through the woods hunting for them it seems inevitable I would grow up with a passion for them.


My mum used to say that there is a faerie in all of us. Meaning that the magic to change our life lays within with our thoughts and feelings. Three months ago when I first decided to set up my new jewellery venture and I was searching for a name to call it by, I knew that I wanted something that would be as magical and mesmerizing as my jewellery. In that it would make the women who wear it feel gorgeous, feminine and empowered. But how could I find the right name that would reflect me…my brand?

A brain storming session it was then..

I contacted a couple of my face book friends to see if they could help me pool some ideas. There was a lot of beautiful names that were given to me but whilst it ignited my creative flair they weren’t exactly what I had in mind.  It was only when I was given a plaque from my mum (now hung on my bedroom door) titled ‘a faerie lives in every girls heart’ that it really struck a chord with me. It reminded me of my mums wise words and I seen it as a sign from the universe that I was on the right track.


I knew that I wanted to design mesmerizing jewellery for adults and children.  I agreed there and then that the faeries where still very much in adults hearts too ( meaning that we are all magical in our own ways) so I wanted to choose a name that would reflect this very powerful message.  I’m very much into doing my bit for the earth too so I wanted my company to be eco-friendly.  I wanted something that would reflect that in the name too and so The Earth Faeries were born.

Chapter One


Escape from castle Mondevara

Onyx sat up and stretched her large beautiful silver translucent wings. Dawn was breaking and daylight was creeping through the clouds. It was a sight to behold as golden tendrils of sun light caressed the turquoise sea and illuminated the sea-foam faeries that were dancing on the frothy waves.

She wriggled her toes that were adorned in black Onyx  against the shiny interior of her new home, a 2 inch beautiful multi colored shell she’d recently found on the beach. Onyx cast a side ways glance at her sleeping sisters – all three of them which were huddled into each other in the shell next to her.

Being the oldest of her sisters and the biggest of them she needed a larger shell to accommodate her long legs and wings. It hadn’t been the most comfortable boudoir to sleep in as Loomie her pet Onyx had rolled around all night taking up most of the room. For such a small girl she certainly knew how to take up a lot of space thought Onyx as she continued to roll around before floating in mid-air and coming to rest on her knee.  Poking the snoring white Onyx with her gem encrusted finger nails she smiled as one of her indigo eyes popped open before closing again.

She gazed fondly at her pet who had been a present from her parents the Queen and King of the Onyx dynasty in the land of Ameeska. They had been on so many adventures since leaving Faerie school 10 years ago and she owed her life to Loomie (short for luminescent because she glowed in the dark) who had always kept her safe.  She was a very magical Onyx and had given her many powers, one of them being invisibility.

All princess faeries across the land were given a gem at birth and were assigned their keepers. She had taken a solemn oath to use her pets power for the good of all faeries and human kind.

“Are we nearly there?” asked her sister, a 14-year-old faerie by the name of Videeyan her long red hair falling over her corn flower blue eyes.

Onxy shook her head and pointed in the direction of the mountains. “We have those to fly up and then another 500 miles to go.”

Her sisters all grumbled and Onyx reminded them that it had all been self-inflicted. It had been them that had absconded from faerie school and had stowed away in her magic luggage case. They all pulled a face and curled back up in a ball.

Pulling herself up on the side of her shell she collected her long waist length silver blond hair in her hands and swept it up into a bun. Rummaging around in her case she pulled out four beautiful dresses. A beautiful jade green grass one for herself that she’d knitted herself  and three softer green ones that she had made out of leaves for her sisters. Green was always a favorite colour for fairies as it helped them blend into the surrounding landscapes. Laying the dresses next to her sleeping sisters she then wriggled into hers all the while thinking about how she was going to complete this mission.

The journey so far had been a long and uncharted one. They had traveled through beautiful forests and valleys some of which had been hostile environments whilst others had been paradise on earth. For most of the journey she and Loomie had had to keep her wits about them and looking after a 14-year-old, a ten year old and 7-year-old had been quite a task. For some unknown reason Loomies’ powers had been waning so their cloak of invisibility wasn’t lasting as long. She feared that queen Veladera otherwise known as the Gothic faerie; who had once been her good friend at school still had some of her pets essence in the treasure chest. This according to Loomie was where she where she’d kept the rest of the stolen gems. Rumor had it that she was collecting all the most powerful gems so she could rule the land. Her reign had brought great fear and darkness to Ameeska for she wanted to keep all of the powers to herself and not share them. It pained her to see her turn away from the light.

The plan to get Loomies essence back was simple; to get into the castle Mondevara, restore her pet Onyx power to full capacity and get out before Veladera realized that the essence had gone. Getting into the castle Loomie had told her was easy. They were small enough to get through the crevices in doors. But gaining access into the room that the queen kept her treasure in was not going to be as straight forward. Firstly the dark room was built with 26th century materials from the future which were stronger than iron and nitro-tech put together. The room also had a force field as well as a grey mist that had ascended from the moat and which no-one ever returned from.

Loomie had only managed to escape when the queen had taken her out of the room and into her bed chamber where she had tried to set Loomie into her ring. Veladera hadn’t realized that her pet Onyx had retained some of her powers and had managed to cloak herself in a field of invisibility. In that split second she had managed to slip out of a partially open window.  How on earth she was going to infiltrate that room she didn’t know but she knew a way would be made for her as it always had when faced with adversity.

A tremor beneath her shell brought her back to the present. She gasped as a large bare foot descended upon her and her sisters. Her scream alerted the rest of the group and they managed to narrowly escape it by darting side ways and shooting straight up in the air. They rested on an over head tree branch and watched as the humongous creature; a human child pause whilst he observed the shell that her Onyx was sleeping in. He picked it up and popped it into his pocket. Before she could swoop down and retrieve her pet from his pocket he had snapped it shut.  Onyx and her sisters could only watch, mouths agape as he made off up the beach….

Chapter two coming soon!




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    1. Hi Loving life in Wellies blog. Thanks so much for reading and giving me such lovely feed back. I’m glad that you like the names of my places and characters. They were a result of much brain storming sessions. Thank you very much for your compliment. That is really nice to hear. I’m glad that my passion for my writing and my characters is coming through. It is nice to know that you are enjoying reading my stories. They are a great pleasure to write. I value you taking the time to read them and follow me


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