4 Tips On How To Care For Your Pearls

How to keep your pearls in tip top condition

In today’s post I am going to give you some tips on how to care for your pearls. These lustrous orbs can easily get scratched and loose their luster if not cared for properly. These timeless additions to any woman’s wardrobe will last a life time if looked after properly.


(My hand-made pearl necklace with Swarovski crystals used for a wedding shoot in Bubbles Champagne bar in Liverpool) All Images by Philip Antrobus.

  1. Put your pearls on last and take them off first. Make up and other chemicals can harm the pearls so make sure you put your make up, apply perfumes and style hair first before putting the pearls on. Take your pearls off before doing your beauty routine of an evening. Again this prevents your jewellery from coming in contact with all the chemicals found in toiletries.
  2. Be responsible with them. Pearls can be used for any occasion and not just for your big day. If you want to feel glamorous around the house then by all means wear them. Wearing timeless jewellery such as pearls always brightens my day.  However don’t wear them to wash dishes or do the gardening in. I don’t know about you but i think it’s never a good idea to wear any kind of jewellery when doing these tasks. Always take your pearls off before having a shower or bath too. If pearls have been strung on silk thread the water would rot it meaning you would have to get the necklace strung much more regularly. Plus the harsh chemicals in the water will erode them and take away their luster.
  3. How to keep peal in tip-top condition. Keep them away from others pieces of jewellery so they don’t get scratched. Always make sure that the fasteners/clasps on the jewellery are closed to prevent it rubbing against the pearl. Keep the bag in separate compartment to other jewellery. Don’t clean with ultra sonic cleaners as they are too abrasive. If wiping them over with water only use distilled or spring water as tap water contains harmful chemicals that can erode then and impair their luster.
  4. How to protect the silk thread the pearls are strung on. Don’t bath or shower in them. When wiping them with cloth support the pearls in hand and don’t stretch the thread.

This will keep your jewellery beautiful for years to come!

Do you have any other tips that you’d like to share on how you look after your pearls?




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